How to Access Amtrak WiFi and Make It Bearable

AmtrakConnect – Wi-Fi Mixed with Frustration

When you’re traveling on a train, it becomes difficult to stay connected to the internet. The good thing is that several Amtrak trains offer Wi-Fi services. Apart from Wi-Fi in trains, there is also Wi-Fi on platforms.  And it’s all free!

Amtrak has been operational for about 40 years and is the country’s intercity rail provider with several millions of passengers traveling every year.

While Wi-Fi isn’t available on all trains, Amtrak continues improving their services and adding AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi network to more trains. With AmtrakConnect, you can stay online even as you travel. Or at least, this is what they advertise. The reality is that AmtrakConnect is uneven and drags on like a snail.

AmtrakConnect is far from being perfect – there are issues of spotty connections and slow speeds. And that’s understandable because as the train moves from one place to another, the reception of signals changes and hence the signal strength varies. However, sometimes it does get on your nerves.

In this article you’ll learn how to access Amtrak WiFi and enjoy fast internet speeds while onboard.

Top Issues with AmtrakConnect WiFi Hotspots

As mentioned earlier, Amtrak Wi-Fi services are spotty and uneven. There can be a gap of several minutes between losing and regaining the connection.

And even when you’re getting the best signal strength, the speeds aren’t the most optimal. Forget about streaming video content or holding a video call with someone – even sending and receiving emails and text chatting with friends becomes difficult.

Amtrak doesn’t let you download large files. And by large files, they mean anything that’s over 10 MB. Anything less than 10 MB is theoretically possible but might take hours.

While the AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi is surely a problem, the issue also lies within your phone or tablet. If your phone could combine multiple connections at once to speed up things, it could’ve been so much better.

Speedify can help you calm down when you’re pulling your hair out of frustration on Amtrak.

How to Access Amtrak Wi-Fi to Connect to the Internet

It’s easy to connect to AmtrakConnect. It’s just like you’d connect to your hotel Wi-Fi. Make sure that Wi-Fi on your mobile device or laptop is turned on. If it’s not turned on, turn it on. Here’s how to access Amtrak Wi-Fi.

  1. Your device will start scanning for Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Connec to the Amtrak_Wifi network
  3. Open the browser. If a browser is already open, refresh it.
  4. On the Amtrak welcome screen, click on I agree. This will take you to the Amtrak page.

You should be connected to the Internet after taking these steps.

While it’s easy connecting to Amtrak Wi-Fi, the difficult part is actually using it. With slow speeds and frequent disconnections, the Wi-Fi is frustrating to say the least.

If you’re getting annoyed by the super slow speeds, it’s best to use Speedify to improve your network speeds. Here’s how you can speed up your Amtrak Wi-Fi with Speedify.

How Speedify Improves your Amtrak WiFi Experience

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN. This means that Speedify doesn’t just increase your network speeds, but it also makes your connection more secure.

As a VPN, Speedify encrypts your traffic so nobody is able to spy on what data you’re sending. As a channel bonding service, Speedify connects multiple networks at once to deliver better speeds.

Speedify has advanced encryption that makes you safe against hackers and rogue Wi-Fi connections. It optimizes the online connection by monitoring the signal strength. If the connection drops, it automatically reroutes the data. This failover feature is helpful when the connection drops on Amtrak trains. Now you can enjoy being online seamlessly, even on Amtrak trains.

While AmtrakConnect barely runs on your phone, Speedify will let you go online even on your laptop, using phone tethering. So when you travel using Amtrak the next time, make sure you have Speedify on your device.

Now you know how to access Amtrak WiFi and make it workable. With Speedify, you’ll not just have better online speeds but also a safer internet experience.

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