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How to Make Starlink Work Better with Speedify

Listening to your users is one the most important lessons I have learned over and over in business. This past summer Brett Stelmaszek of UFDTech used Speedify, a Starlink, and several Cellular connections to livestream a cross country  UFDTech’s Cannonball Run of 2022.  

As the network of Starlink satellites has grown, so has its subscriber base, and in the past few months more and more of them have flocked to Speedify to overcome issues with latency and reliability. At Speedify we regularly test our software with multiple ISPs and carriers, and we needed to physically own a Starlink to test and refine Speedify.

This is the first part of a series of learnings that I wish to share with you on the importance of listening to your customers when it comes to driving and growing your business.

Stage 1 - Initial Starlink Testing

Starlink initial testing

Starlink and Live Streaming

To really eat our 'own dog food' we decided that we needed to set up a live stream that used Starlink and Speedify  24/7.  This serves us in two ways:

  • We have access to Starlink network stats and Speedify network stats for live streaming and are able to see where we’re helping and how we can help better
  • We showcase that and turn it into a proof point for people who are having issues with Starlink disconnecting.

Just setting up this Starlink livestream has been a journey full of learning for us. We got to apply all our knowledge from doing the Speedify LIVE shows and working with a new type of Internet connection.

To put it briefly: we’re live streaming from a roof using a Starlink Internet connection together with a secondary Comcast cable connection. This way, we can see how Speedify jumps in when Starlink is being unreliable, measure the parameters and continuously improving it.

Tune in to our Philadelphia skyline livestream on Twitch or YouTube.

Follow the Customer Need and Prove the Value

We’re currently winding up to start sharing our findings on how Speedify helps Starlink users get more reliable Internet connections. This will answer all the questions related to Internet reliability when it comes to Starlink down time.

The good news is that since Speedify 12.7 we have Starlink improvements on each and every release. 

We are excited to keep live streaming with Starlink and Speedify. It is truly the 'eat your own dogfood' software challenge. 

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