How to Fix the TikTok Network Error Message

Avoid TikTok Network Errors by Using Both WiFi and Cellular Data at Once

TikTok is currently the trending social network: it has 800 million active users worldwide and is among the most downloaded apps in the app stores. There probably isn’t any social media user that hasn’t heard of TikTok by this time.

As with any online video platforms, Internet connectivity is key, it can make or break your TikTok experience. When your Internet is bad, TikTok will display the “network error” message. Or even the “no network connection” one. So what can you do?

The best solution is to avoid this in the first place by making sure you have better connectivity. Which can be achieved by using our WiFi and cellular data connections at the same time – not switching between them! Read below to see how you can get rid of those TikTok network error messages once and for all.

TikTok Network Error – Why This Happens

Seeing the TikTok “network error” or “no network connection” messages? Then your TikTok is surely slow, lagging, buffering or disconnecting from time to time. Just to be sure – check if all is good with their platform.

But we all know this happens when you are using a poor Internet connection – slow and unreliable. When you’re using TikTok to stream or watch a video, your device is exchanging data with TikTok’s servers. If your internet signal fluctuates or suddenly cuts out, the data fails to be sent or delivered. Which triggers the TikTok “network error” message.

The solution here: troubleshoot your Internet connection. Here’s an extensive guide on that.

TikTok Network Error Due to Restrictions

Another cause for TikTok not working is when it is restricted. This can happen due to government policies – India recently banned TikTok, for example – or on specific networks. Your school, college or company can decide to restrict access to TikTok while connected to their WiFi hotspots. Naturally, the main reasons of that would be to save bandwidth and… increase productivity 🙂

Anyway, to get past TikTok restrictions, you need to use a VPN, which will encrypt all traffic to and from your mobile device. The faster, the better.

So – where does using both connections together come into place? See below.

Speedify Helps You Avoid TikTok Network Errors

Speedify solves the problem of slow, unreliable internet that causes TikTok network errors. It unleashes the full capabilities of your mobile device!

By default, iOS and Android devices only connect to the internet through one connection at a time. You are either connected through a cellular signal or through Wi-Fi. Speedify allows your device to connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi and a mobile data simultaneously. It increases the bandwidth you have available to upload videos and stream content.

Speedify works on iOS and Android devices and it doesn’t require any technical skill to install or use. Once you have it set up, Speedify runs in the background, monitoring the quality of your internet connections. It also routes your data with two goals in mind. First, it tries to use WiFi whenever possible instead of expensive cellular data. Second, it routes data to ensure the fastest internet connection possible.

Speedify also has automatic failover. This means that when Speedify detects a signal is weak or spotty, it reroutes all the data through the remaining connection to give you a smooth, uninterrupted flow of video. Once the other connection is available again, Speedify automatically reconnects.

No more TikTok network error messages! Try out Speedify for free and improve your experience.

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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