How to Make Sure Starlink Is Working Flawlessly for You Starlink Speeds Are Sometimes a Vast Improvement, Sometimes Not

A recent article on Starlink performance data in the US and Canada for Q1 2021 shows large variances when it comes to speed and latency. And that is to be expected, since the Starlink program is still in beta phase.

When it comes to performance vs. other providers, Starlink is anywhere between -68% and 546% in the US and between -41% and 60% in Canada. In terms of Starlink latency, it is up to 486% higher in U.S., 369% in Canada vs. the other providers.

This article explains how you can make sure your Starlink connection is faster and more reliable when compared to the other providers.

Two Connections Are Always Better Than One, Including Starlink

All Starlink and satellite Internet users should be aware of this. A satellite connection is by its nature more unreliable when compared to wired connections like optical fiber or cable. Trees, storms and other elements can easily affect the performance. That's why it's important you are prepared, as a Starlink user.

Having a backup connection helps in this case. When Starlink is not working, you can switch to the backup and use it. You can get any type of backup connection - usually a 4G / LTE cellular data from your smartphone should be sufficient for basic Internet needs. If you need more bandwidth, think cable, DSL, etc.

If you want to go a step further and avoid Starlink disconnects altogether through seamless failover to your backup connection, you should use a channel bonding service. Speedify , for example, allows you to combine all your available connections at the same time and get faster, more reliable Internet connectivity.

An interesting review of using Starlink with Speedify was published on Nelson's log. The whole idea is similar to the above - solving the Starlink Internet reliability issues by using an additional Internet connection at the same time.

The thing that Nelson noticed is that Speedify managed to significantly minimize the packet loss rate, until it became better than on either ISP alone - Starlink and Wi-Fi backup.

In terms of results he saw, the increase in the upload rate was meaningful - the Starlink satellite connection's limited upload was supplemented by Wi-Fi.

Using Starlink with a Secondary Backup Connection - User Reviews

Here's a recent article on how to get Starlink working. The problem the author was having is an "odd blip for a second or so every now and again whilst on video calls". So he researched about load balancing WAN, but that doesn't work, as switching between connections can take even more than just waiting for Starlink Internet to resume. He finally found Speedify channel bonding VPN which he uses to combine his reliable, but slow FTTC connection with his less reliabe but faster Starlink connection. This way, he gets uninterrupted and reliable Starlink Internet.

This post on Reddit has a lot of testimonials of Starlink users with backup connections:

  • prior to getting Starlink, someone had a "pitiful DSL connection" that they were going to cancel. But it turned out to be useful to pick up Starlink outages when used with Speedify.
  • someone has a more complex setup, involving a 10/1 Mbps DSL connection, a 20/3 Mbps microwave connction and Starlink 50/15 Mbps. They are using a multi WAN router with the first two connections and bonding that together with the Starlink connection.

Here's another Reddit post under the same r/Starlink subreddit which talks about was to avoid Starlink disconnects. You'll find a lot of Speedify users there.

Starlink Will Work Flawlessly when Using a Backup Connection for Protection

Starlink is a great solution for those in remote and rural areas. As the deployment of all their 12,000 satellites into orbit advances, the speed, latency and reliability of the system will greatly improve.

But until you get Starlink to work flawlessly - and even after, given there might be network congestion issues in certain areas - it's best you have a secondary backup connection hooked up. This can be your tethered phone or even a cheap DSL / cable connection, if you get any of those. It will save you from those unwanted moments when your main Starlink Internet will be slow or unreliable.

Using Speedify to combine your Starlink Internet with a secondary / backup connection is the best idea for fast, uninterrupted Internet.

You can even use Speedify with Starlink alone, without any secondary connection. That's because it includes strong error correction algorithms that will optimize your Starlink connection by minimizing its packet loss rate.

As a bonding VPN, all your traffic will be secured by Speedify's advanced encryption. This will protect your online privacy and sensitive data from hackers and cyber criminals.

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