5 Uses for Raspberry Pi Routers to Get Better Internet

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How to Make Your Raspberry Pi Router Help You Get Faster, More Reliable and Secure Internet

A predictable effect of working from home in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak is people have more time for DIY projects. This is why in March 2020 Raspberry Pi sales hit 640,000 – the second biggest month in terms of sales since they started selling.

So then we remembered that we have some interesting Raspberry Pi projects we’ve done so far. They’re all aimed at getting faster, more stable and secure Internet. As we’re not sure you are aware of all, here’s a quick list of 5 DIY project for your Raspberry Pi as a router.


Use all of your Internet connections at once

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1. Raspberry Pi as a Wireless Bonding Router – Sharing Internet via Wi-Fi

You can use this inside your home, but also on the go. Wherever you have multiple Internet connections available, you can use this setup to get faster, more reliable and secure Internet.

Once you get your Raspberry Pi all set up with Raspbian OS, you can set up Speedify on it. After that, start adding the network connections you want to combine – external Wi-Fi adapters, tethered phones, etc. The final step is to share the bonded connection via Wi-Fi following the instructions here.

2. Raspberry Pi as a Wired Bonding Router – Sharing Internet via Ethernet

You can setup this up so that you use the Raspberry Pi as a bonding VPN router that provides faster Internet to your regular Wi-Fi router. Just plug in the Ethernet cable from your Pi to the WAN port of your wireless router.

The final step is all that’s different from the setup above. Here’s what you have to do in case you want to share your bonded Internet connection from a Raspberry Pi router via wired Ethernet.

3. Raspberry Pi as a Router with Network Wide Ad Blocking DNS

You probably heard of using the Pi Hole as a network ad blocker. You could set that up, but if you have more than one Internet connections, why not benefit from the increased bandwidth?

Just follow the instructions here to set up the SpeediPi – the Pi Hole alternative with channel bonding.

4. Raspberry Pi as an IRL Streaming Hotspot with Bonded LTE

When you’re out and about doing live streaming, you need a fast and stable Internet connection. Just connect 2 smartphones / portable hotspots via USB to your Raspberry Pi and share the combined connection via Wi-Fi to your wireless camera or other smartphone. Follow the instructions here or watch the video below.

5. IRL Streaming Backpack Under $600 Powered by Raspberry Pi

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a hardware-based IRL streaming, you can get the whole backpack geared up for less than $600. The setup is centered around a Raspberry Pi 4 that runs Speedify channel bonding VPN to combine connections for fast, stable and secure Internet.

Check out the concept, components list and setup steps in this dedicated article.

Raspberry Pi Can Be Setup to Combine Internet Connections. Make Sure to Include Speedify in Your Networking Setups.

Thinking of using the Raspberry Pi as a router or as part of a network setup? As long as there’s an Internet connection involved, there can be 2 or more. And that’s very easy to achieve using Speedify channel bonding VPN on your Raspberry Pi.

Above are just 5 setups based on this. Do you have another one? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!


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