Is ExpressVPN Hanging? Fix Connection Issues With Speedify

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Virtual Private Networks Shouldn’t Leave You Hanging

More people then ever before are taking their online privacy seriously. Governments, also more then ever before, continue to censure the Internet in certain regions. Thankfully, VPNs seem to be the most convenient way to achieve online privacy, ensure access to unfiltered Internet and overcome geo-blocks.

When you connect to a VPN, your online traffic is routed through an encrypted VPN tunnel. You will experience changes in your Internet speed, and although this is absolutely normal, VPNs such as Express can often hang. The client just can’t establish a connection to the server and you are left in limbo. Below are some steps you can take to fix ExpressVPN hanging.


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Is There a Problem With ExpressVPN?

There are a lot of factors involved in the way VPNs work in general so it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why ExpressVPN is hanging in your case. If there are many users connected to one server, the connection speed drops. And if the servers are overloaded you can easily catch yourself waiting for minutes on end hoping the client will finally establish a connection.

But that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. The issue could be totally unrelated to the servers and could in fact be a driver issue. In any case, if ExpressVPN is hanging, be sure to go over the common troubleshooting steps in the next section.

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How To Troubleshoot ExpressVPN When It Hangs

  • Try connecting to a couple of different servers. 
  • Log out of your account in the app and log back in. 
  • Uninstall the app, reboot your device, and install the app again. 
  • If you’re using a computer, try disabling any antivirus/firewall software.
  • Try using a different connection method/protocol for your device. 

You can also try connecting a different device on the same network. This will help you narrow down if the issue is network or device related. If your Android phone is having trouble connecting, try your PC. In case both can’t connect, the problem could be with your network. Is your PC able to connect? Then there’s something wrong with ExpressVPN on your phone.

However, if none of the above suggestions help, maybe it’s time to try a better alternative. A solution that offers speed alongside the usual VPN features, like Speedify.

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Speedify can bond any combination of 2 or more Internet connections and will intelligently distribute your online traffic between them for optimal performance.

In the majority of cases, Speedify will automatically detect and start using any Internet connections available to your device - but if you need help we have quick start guides available for most common set ups.

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Speedify is able to deliver security and speed by managing the way your device connects to the Internet. It allows your mobile and desktop devices to use more than one Internet connection at a time. Speedify constantly monitors the quality of your connections. If one connection becomes unreliable, Speedify automatically reroutes your traffic to other available connection(s). On the security side, its core engine is optimized for fast speeds, so while using it you will not get any extra latency even with it’s strong encryption.

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