How to Get a Dedicated VPN Server – Better Than Dedicated IP

Get a VPN with a Dedicated Server: Reserve Your Own Server!

Need to have the flexibility and security of using a VPN service together with risk-free online reputation? Whether you’re accessing private business data, gaming online or streaming live, a dedicated VPN server is the perfect solution. It will get you:

  • Security and online privacy;
  • Bandwidth and speed;
  • A stable connection to the Internet.

See below why it’s better to use a dedicated VPN server than just a VPN dedicated IP address. Plus – how to get this using Speedify bonding VPN.

What Is a VPN Dedicated IP?

In this article, when talking about IP addresses, we’ll refer to the public / external IP address. This is the one the world sees as your Internet connection.

When you’re using a VPN, your computer or smartphone connects through a secure tunnel to a remote server. That server has a unique IP address which communicates with the Internet. So, all the people that connect through that same secure VPN server will be “seen” by the Internet as having the same IP address. This is how most of the VPN users connect to the Internet.

But there are cases when it’s best to have your own unique IP address that nobody else uses, as we’ll see in the next section of this article. And that’s when the dedicated IP comes into place. When you opt for a dedicated IP address from your VPN provider, you will get your own IP which nobody else will use. Along with this – a series of advantages – continue reading.

When Do I Need a Dedicated IP from My VPN?

You need a dedicated IP VPN anytime you want to appear in the same place on the Internet. Most VPNs use their public servers to rent out dedicated IP addresses along with the default “public” one.

The advantages of using a dedicated IP VPN include:

  • Avoiding blacklists of any sort – bans in online games, specific websites and other services;
  • Eliminating content restrictions – it’s easier to get past these if it’s only you using a VPN dedicated IP address versus thousands of users;
  • Easier authentication for websites and services – as many people connect through the same IP address, you’ll always get CAPTCHA type anti-fraud, which takes time;
  • Hassle-free online banking to avoid VPN restrictions when it comes to online payments and accessing your online banking service.
  • Port forwarding – very useful when trying to access your home device through a secure connection from the Internet.

Why a Dedicated VPN Server Is Better Than a Dedicated VPN IP

If you think that connecting securely with your VPN using a dedicated IP address is good – a dedicated VPN server is even better. You get all the above benefits of having a dedicated VPN IP address. PLUS – you’ll get to choose the location of your server and have some minimum guarantees when it comes to the VPN connection speed and server processing power.

You should definitely get your own dedicated VPN server if you are:

  • Connecting securely to your private business network – network admins can allow access only to specific IP addresses from trusted providers;
  • Connecting securely from the Internet to your local server for content or web services;
  • Online gaming – get a closer dedicated IP VPN server to the gaming servers to minimize peering latency. Also avoid to compete with other users on the same VPN server for its resources, bandwidth and latency. Plus – avoid IP bans on certain games “thanks” to fellow users of the public VPN server.
  • Live streaming – closer connection to platform ingest servers to minimize latency and take advantage of the full available bandwidth.
  • Unblocking content – it’s easier to go past video streaming services and other content type restrictions. It’s only you using a VPN dedicated IP address versus thousands connecting through the same public VPN server IP address. Plus – by having the bandwidth all to yourself, you won’t get any buffering or disconnects while streaming your favorite show.

Why Speedify Can Get You the Best Dedicated VPN Server

How to Get a Dedicated VPN Server with Speedify

Ready to benefit from the channel bonding technology? Get the best bang for your buck when getting a dedicated VPN server from Speedify. Combine 2 or more connections together on your computer or smartphone easily and maximize the bandwidth you get from your secure connection.

Here’s what you have to do to get a dedicated VPN server with Speedify:

  1. Go to the Speedify Store page on our website.
  2. Select the “Team” account type and let us know how many users you need. Each can use Speedify simultaneously on up to 5 devices.
  3. Choose a billing cycle – we recommend the Yearly Plan, as you will be saving more when compared to the Monthly Plan
  4. Select the Dedicated Server option.
  5. Finish the payment for the Subscription Plan.
  6. A member of our team will be in touch with you to confirm the details of the dedicated server – where that should be, which provider, etc.

If you already have a Teams Account with Speedify, login to your Teams Dashboard and click “Add a Dedicated Server” from the Servers page.

Ready to upgrade your Internet connection with a dedicated VPN server? Use Speedify and get the best for your money in terms of security, reliability and speed!

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