What Are VoIP Phone Bandwidth Requirements for Business and Call Centers

VoIP Speed Test: How Many Phones Can Your Bandwidth Support?

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology is constantly growing. All online voice chat services are based on VoIP, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangouts, etc. It may also be in your home as well, “disguised” as a landline. If your landline is connected to the modem or router you got from your ISP, you’re using VoIP.

But what are the VoIP phone bandwidth requirements? This depends on several factors, such as:

  • video or audio-only VoIP;
  • where you’re at when using VoIP calling: in an office, at home, on the go;
  • how much you’re using it: permanently or occasionally;
  • how many devices you need to use VoIP on from the same location.

Using Speedify fast bonding VPN will enhance your VoIP experience and meet any VoIP phone bandwidth requirement. See below how it helps you and your business.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need for VoIP?

Required VoIP bandwidth depends on several factors, including the service’s performance in compressing the data it sends and receives. As a rule of thumb, each VoIP call requires minimum 100 kbps, with a recommended bandwidth of 3 Mbps. This makes sure you can hear the other party as intended.

Of course, when you add video on top of that, things get big. If you get on a full HD video call, your bandwidth should be 12 Mbps.

Take into account that your smartphone or computer has background apps that consume bandwidth as well. Just to be sure, don’t just plan for the 3 Mbps for a VoIP call. If you have apps like Facebook, an email client and WhatsApp running, they will eat out of that bandwidth as well. According to this article, for a 10 Mbps connection, the typical bandwidth available for VoIP is just 2.4 Mbps.

Required VoIP Phone Bandwidth – Do I Get Enough?

If you want to make sure you’re up for VoIP on your connection, just run an online speed test. It’s a good indicator of what you can expect. Look at the upload number – if that’s good, you should be good.

Are you on the Amtrak, getting at least 400 kbps bandwidth on your smartphone? You should be good to go for a voice-only VoIP call.

Is your bandwidth not satisfactory? Need to have multiple concurrent VoIP calls from the same location? Then you should get a higher bandwidth plan from your ISP. Or use Speedify fast bonding VPN to combine multiple Internet connections together.

Speedify Helps You Meet Any VoIP Phone Bandwidth Requirements

Speedify helps people increase their bandwidth and have more reliable Internet connections. It also secures them using advanced encryption. It does this using channel bonding technology. Most of the times, you have access to at least 2 Internet connections:

  • WiFi and cellular on your smartphone and mobile device
  • wired Ethernet, WiFi and cellular dongles on your PC or Mac

With Speedify, you can combine those to create one super pipe with higher bandwidth. This way, your VoIP calls will have the best quality and you can run more calls simultaneously.

Best of all, your communication will also be encrypted and anonymized. No snoops or hackers will be able to tap in on your conversations, especially when using public WiFi hotspots.

Speedify – an Essential Element for Any VoIP Call Center Setup

The core technical coordinate of any call center is availability. The operators have to be online no matter what. And be able to take VoIP calls where they can understand the person they’re talking to.

Unfortunately the Internet connection can drop, leaving the call center in the blank. Internet can also be painfully slow so that you can’t have a decent conversation. That’s bad for your call center business and can hurt the contracts with the companies you provide services to. By combining multiple Internet connections at once, Speedify solve any connectivity issues call centers may encounter.

Speedify doesn’t do load balancing. It does much more than that – channel bonding. This way, you can be sure there won’t be any second of disconnect, which is enough to cut off all ongoing VoIP calls.

Don’t waste time and don’t let the Internet surprise you! Solve VoIP phone bandwidth requirements by using Speedify fast bonding VPN!

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