What’s the Deal with VPNs and Why Use VPN on Android?

What You Need to Know About Running a VPN on Android – Why You Should Care

If you have an Android smartphone, there are strong chances that you have connected it to a public Wi-Fi at least once. Whether it’s a coffee shop Wi-Fi or an airport hotspot, there are several public wireless networks that invite you to use free internet.

While public Wi-Fi is a great convenience, it can also be a disaster. It lets you visit Facebook and check your emails, but there are chances that it might be hacked. And if it’s hacked, the cyber criminals can see all the unsecured online activities of people connected to that network.

One way to stay secure on public Wi-Fi is by using a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your data so it cannot be seen by hackers. It will also reroute your online traffic so the websites you open will not be able to see your real IP address.

This way, a VPN helps you go anonymous on the internet. However, that’s not the only purpose of using a VPN. If you’re wondering why use VPN on Android, here are some reasons.

Why Use VPN on Android? To Enhance Your Online Security

As discussed above, VPNs offer you online security. If you want to hide your activities from a hacker, a VPN can help you out. You might think why a hacker would be interested in your activities. It could be anyone, an ex or a disgruntled employee. Make sure your activities are safe and private.

And it’s not just the hackers that are after your data – even your ISP wants to see what you’re doing. This data is used to send targeted ads your way.

Do you live in a repressive country where there’s a constant risk to journalists, activists, and bloggers? You need to keep your identity hidden. Your IP address gives away your true identity, which is why it’s important to go anonymous.

A VPN running on your Android smartphone will protect your identity and keep you safe and secure. Since it encrypts the traffic, nobody will be able to see what you’re doing online.

Do I Need a VPN on My Android Phone? Sure, to Bypass Geo Blocks

Some countries ban specific websites. Depending on the status of online freedom in that country, the government might ban social media websites, email programs, and news related websites.

If you live in a country where there’s a lot of online censorship, the ISP will make sure you don’t visit any websites that are blocked. The only way to get complete online freedom in such cases is by using a VPN.

A VPN will encrypt all your traffic. This way, ISPs and authorities will not be able to see which websites you’re accessing. So, you will be able to bypass that blocked content.

Just make sure you connect to a server that’s located in a less restrictive country and you’ll be able to visit the websites that are blocked in your country.

You Can Get Faster, More Reliable Internet When Using a VPN on Android

When people wonder why use VPN on Android, increasing the speed is a factor that never pops in their minds. Mainly because VPNs are known to slow speeds down. With all the encryption and rerouting going on, the connection gets slower.

Sure, if you’re getting a broadband speed of 100 Mbps via Wi-Fi and the speed goes down to 85 Mbps, you might not notice a drop. But mobile internet speeds can be limited to about 10-20 Mbps. If these speeds drop, your browsing will be affected.

You can fix this problem by using Speedify bonding VPN. It’s an app available for Android and other operating systems which offers:

  • a VPN that provides online security and anonymity  AND
  • a channel bonding service that combines Wi-Fi and mobile data on your Android smartphone. This provides faster, more stable Internet.

Speedify helps you enhance your online security, bypass geo-restrictions, and get faster speeds. Get it now on your Android!

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