VPN for Beginners: What is a VPN and How Should It Work?

VPNs A-to-Z for Beginners – What You Should Know

Cyber security is frequently in the headlines. One phrase that comes up a lot is “virtual private network” or VPN.

What is a VPN? It’s simply a secure method for connecting to the Internet. Typically an app facilitates this secure connection. Even though VPN sounds like something out of a spy movie, it is actually something anyone with a smartphone should be using when they use any app that depends on an Internet connection.

Read below to see how a VPN that suits your needs should work.

How Traditional VPNs Work

Criminals, ISPs, and other organizations have reasons to want to spy on your Internet data. They may want to use your data against you, or they may want to use your data to sell you more products and services. Either way, if you are not using a VPN you are allowing anyone from snoops to criminals to learn a lot about you.

A traditional VPN (they’ve been a common presence on the market for more than 10 years now) changes the way your device connects to the Internet. It routes all traffic through a single socket (think of this like a traffic tunnel) that connects with a VPN server. On that server all of the data going to and from your phone is encrypted or scrambled before it is sent on its way.

Someone looking at the data without the right key won’t be able to make any sense of it. They won’t even be able to tell what websites you have been visiting or where you are located.

Most Common Issues of Traditional VPNs

This security sounds great. However, there is a huge downside to the way traditional VPN apps work. They slow down your Internet connection. As you can imagine, cramming all that data traffic through a single socket can cause delays. Even worse, VPN connections are notoriously fragile. Users get disconnected all the time.

This can be an inconvenient nuisance when you get disconnected from the movie you are streaming. It can also be a catastrophe when you get disconnected during a critical business call over Skype.

Speedify Makes VPN Friendlier and More Efficient

Traditional VPNs basically ask you to choose between speed and security. That doesn’t sound friendly does it? Speedify thinks that you should be able to use the Internet your way. That means it should be fast, reliable, and secure. And not log any customer data to disclose it to third party companies!

Speedify works differently that traditional VPN apps. Instead of using just one socket, we use multiple parallel sockets. That means your VPN connection is faster and more robust.

But, we don’t stop here. Speedify also allows increases your bandwidth by allowing your device to connect to the Internet via multiple connections simultaneously. When you are using Speedify, your connection strength and quality is monitored. If one connection goes down, Speedify’s auto failover reroutes everything through the other connection until the unreliable connection comes back online.

When you are connected using the Speedify VPN protocol, all of your Internet connected apps work faster. You stream movies without any lag, you have clear Skype calls, and you get to use the Internet the way you want to.

The mission of Speedify is make VPN friendlier and more efficient because that way more people will choose a secure connection instead of taking chances because they are afraid of getting disconnected. Everyone deserves fast, reliable, and secure Internet no matter where they are.

Get started with Speedify now for FREE – download it on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC and enjoy secure and fast Internet. No tech knowledge needed, no strings attached!

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