What People Are Saying About Speedify – Reviews, How It Helps – Episode 5

Getting Fast and Stable Internet - Does Speedify Really Help?

This has been an interesting year so far, with the pandemic changing the way we work, learn and use the Internet. Home and remote Internet consumption is at its highest. Remote productivity is the driver and differentiator in this next normal we're seeing - and those who can’t keep up will lose.

In this article we'll be looking at some recent 2020 reviews and interesting use cases for Speedify from real world users. Still thinking whether Speedify is the right solution for you to get better Internet by using all of your Internet connections at once? Hopefully you'll get some answers by seeing how others use it.

How Speedify Helps with Streaming - Reviews from Users

Speedify has been an essential tool for live streamers and those who want to enjoy their favorite shows without interruptions since it was launched. After all - it combines multiple Internet connections for better bandwidth and reliability. But since version 9.6 released in March 2020, Speedify automatically optimizes streaming traffic, prioritizing it so you get the best connectivity in any conditions. Here's what some Speedify users mentioned.

Philip (August 2020): Great app! It combines your mobile data with WiFi. I think it's the first 2gbs is free. And after that it's £8.99 per month unlimited. This is the only app I pay for, and I recommend this app to everyone, especially in a poor reception area, or not great signal. I've had this app about a few weeks and it keeps streaming and let's you know how many times the streaming was saved by the speedify app. Well worth the money, a truly engenious app a credit to those who developed it.

Stina V (July 2020): My live streams did not have good quality. They were fuzzy and constantly dropping. Since using speedify my lives are amazing. No more connection issues and the HD quality looks amazing! All of my customers have noticed a difference.

Bob (June 2020): This actually works pretty well, really, for video streaming, the difference is incredible, no more little circle spinning in the middle of your screen while you wait for your video to buffer, no more poor connectivity face timing, it’s very handy.

Hamoudi (June 2020): Fixed buffering Twitch streams 10/10 from me.

Alamry13 (June 2020): I did test call video app any and live video that it is very well !!.... I trust it that it is the very fastest internet service. I am very happy with Speedify app.

... and we're going to stop at 5 reviews on streaming. But feel free to check more on Google Play / Apple Store.

Get Continuous Connectivity with Speedify

The best part about being able to use all your available connections at the same time is the inherent failover protection you get. If one of the connections drops or is slow, traffic is intelligently routed through the other working ones. Here are some users that found that out on their own:

Tprranch (July 2020): When COVID-19 started I had to move my yoga classes online. Since I live in a rural area my internet kept cutting out during my live feed and it was very frustrating. This app is so awesome, switching seamlessly from internet to data when needed and keeping my video going uninterrupted. The free app is ample for my two classes per week and very much appreciated since I am not charging for the online classes. Thank you so much for being there when me and my yoga students most needed it. Namaste.

Havek (July 2020): Amazing app!! Helped me restore connectivity when on the go. Every mobile data provider offers below budget service on any given day but charge as if they provided premium service. [...] Their towers, which have been red-lining for years, are now just dropping connectivity. This app has helped me overcome the big name data provider crappy service.

Ggvfcd (July 2020): I absolutely love this app and highly it recommend it.I was having issues with Instagram such as photos not loading or messages not sending but after I got this app it was smooth sailing.I assure you to everyone who is having internet issues this app will fix it.

Bypassing Restrictions for Content - How Speedify Helps Here

School season is starting all over the world. Whether you're going to be in school or learning from home remotely, Speedify can help you make the best of it. You'll be able to unblock restricted websites on campus and get fast, stable and secure Internet when connecting from your home or dorm room. Plus, your privacy and sensitive data will be safe on all public Wi-Fis.

Connorstev98 (July 2020): After endless searching I’ve abound that this VPN works on school wifi and it works great. I can now access apps that my school has blocked such as Snapchat and all YouTube videos. Gets this app if you’re a student in high school.

But it's not just schools and campuses which have restrictions in place for content. Think about most public Wi-Fis and even whole countries:

Doug G (July 2020): Works on restricted, public wifi where other VPNs fail; good try-before-buy allowed; have had no problems at all; regularly updated.

Nickyfromnicky (May 2020): I live in Iran and I’ve been using free VPN apps for as long as I can remember and Speedify is hands down the best. It sets you up with a free account (which in my country needs VPN to work at first, which is a small bummer, but not overly important) and then lets you either let the app pick the fastest available server or pick a country and city from a long list of available options. I was surprised to find places like Turkey, Israel and the UAE — you honestly never see them on any app; wherever you are in the world, it can hook you up with a country near you for a high-speed and low-latency experience.

Kavus2140 (April 2020): It's great..thank you for providing such a nice free service..it's really useful in network-restricted countries like Iran..thank you again.

Interesting Use Cases for Speedify

Speedify is a bonding VPN service that helps you use all of your Internet connections at once on your device. Pretty straightforward right? Some of our users have some interesting use cases for Speedify - see below a few of the most recent ones:

Jesse (April 2020): This is the only vpn I've used that allows my sip app to register while on the vpn. Put it on android tv box and it switched to ethernet, wifi, and streaming. Much faster than my regular vpn. Good linux and windows apps. Loved the fact that I can use the fastest dns of choice and it still shows my ip address is masked! Love that i can have 5 devices. Great app! Will likely ditch my vpn for this one. And easy on battery too.

Tim (August 2020): I love this! My phone connects to my printer as "wi-fi". This disables cellular internet! Speedify connects both simultaneously, eliminating the problem. Not the "intended" use, but works great, plus a great all around VPN, thanks!

Ramfangzau (August 2020): Perfect vpn for low end phone which can stop the vpn connect from notification to disconnect Fast, Easy, Reliable Perfect VPN for 1/2 GB RAM.

The Hybrid Movement Guy (June 2020): I do quite a bit of editing and uploading to social media and file transfers from my phone. I didn’t want to upgrade to the paid version but realized that 71 bucks for a year is worth saving hours of upload and download time.
Highly recommend for anyone that deals with file transferring and editing.

So there you have it: a lot of satisfied users. We are thankful for each user that takes a few seconds of their time to share their experience and even send us feedback on how to improve Speedify. Is it right for you? There's only one way to find out: try it!

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