How to Improve your Internet Connection and Prevent PokerStars Lag in 2020

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Online Gambling has been Great in 2020!Can’t read my, can’t read my… Pppp-Poker face. Poker face is fine, freezing up during an online game is NOT. Sure, they can’t read your face, but they can’t read anything else from your bet either! Online poker, such as PokerStars, is a very popular online casino game. This year, with the pandemic altering … Read More

Proven Way to Speed Up Slow Internet on macOS

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macOS Internet Slow? How do I Fix It?Take a moment and think: how many times have you asked yourself “Why is my Internet so slow on my Mac” recently? If you’re over 30, you certainly remember the dial-up days. That’s what I am reminded of every time I face a slow connection.  A slow Internet connection is more than something very annoying. … Read More

Solving PartyPoker Connection Issue and to Improve Your Poker Game Experience

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Virtual Poker Dominates the World in 2020!Playing with the queen of hearts not very smart, and the joker ain’t the only fool, sang Juice Newton in 1981. You can make up your own mind about that one: Queen of Hearts Thanks PartyPoker, I love most of these songs as do you! So next time we set you up to play … Read More

Why Is My iPhone Internet so Slow? Learn to Make It Faster

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How to Fix iPhone Internet that’s Very SlowWondering why your iPhone Internet is so slow? Does your Wi-Fi say it’s connected but the Internet is not working? Is Safari on your iPhone rather sluggish, making it a terrible browsing experience for you? You need to act fast and end with the slow Internet on your iPhone. For an iPhone running … Read More

How to Fix Mac Mini Slow Internet and Get Better Connectivity

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Mac Mini Slow Internet SolutionFrustrated with slow internet issues on your Mac Mini? Like any device, the Mac Mini is not immune to slow internet. Whether you have the latest Mac Mini featuring the new Apple M1 chip or an older generation, that doesn’t influence your Internet connectivity. In today’s always connected world, you need good connectivity. The most common … Read More

Fix iMac Internet Slow Issues. Get Fast and Stable Connectivity

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Why Is My iMac so Slow?Slow internet issues are not uncommon on the iMac, as with any other device for that matter. You can have the latest 27-inch top-of-the-line iMac for more than $2,000, but that doesn’t influence your Internet connectivity. And this can make or break your experience in today’s always connected world. The most common cause for slow … Read More