Is FaceTime Stuck on Connecting? LET’S FIX IT!

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The Most Common Issue with FaceTime FaceTime is a great tool that helps us stay connected with family and friends. FaceTime even work with business partners all over the world. But, as always, things may not work as intended. You might have noticed, especially lately with more and more people working from home, that FaceTime seems stuck connecting, forever. Have … Read More

Distance Learning: Challenges for Students and How to Overcome

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How is Distance Learning Affecting Students? Today’s social distancing lifestyle has made distance learning more popular than before. This type of learning was purely optional before and would usually apply to online courses for post-graduates. Nowadays students of all ages are doing this, whether it’s children in school, young people in universities or full-time employees. Luckily, students are easily adaptable … Read More

How To Fix: Slow WeChat

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What is WeChat? WeChat is a popular messaging app for both iOS and Android devices. But, many users are tired of experiencing delayed messages and slow WeChat connections. Videos sometimes take too long to upload or stream. Sometimes messages aren’t sent for long periods of time. THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPEEDIFY Use all of your Internet connections at … Read More