How to Fix WhatsApp Freezing on a Bad Internet Connection

Cristian Miculi Fix Slow Internet, How To

WhatsApp is a great app for real time communication, whether via text message or VoIP calls. For many of us, its the easiest way to stay in touch with friends or call loved ones overseas while avoiding costly mobile phone roaming charges. Too often when you’re on a WhatsApp call, it suddenly says “Call on Hold”, or even worse – … Read More

The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection

Cristian Miculi Fix Slow Internet, How To

Remember the dial-up days? That’s what I am reminded of every time I face a slow connection. “No mom, don’t pick up the phone, I’m on the Internet” Thankfully, nowadays we can do something about the slow connection. Just ask the person streaming or downloading in the coffee shop to take it easy today — kidding, of course. There are … Read More

Link Aggregation Router vs. Software Link Aggregation

Cristian Miculi Enterprise Internet Bonding Software, Fix Slow Internet

If you’re a die-hard gamer or a torrent user, you might have heard about link aggregation routers. They combine several wired connections to offer one single connection with better speeds. With this device, you can get a connection with 1-10 Gbps speed, depending on the networks you plug into it. It combines multiple Ethernet lines to bond their bandwidths. Link … Read More

How to Stop ISP Throttling and Enjoy Fast Internet Anywhere

Cristian Miculi Fix Slow Internet, How To

You may have noticed that no matter how good your internet package is, sometimes it’s just slow. This can be a result of network congestion, which is a slowdown you are most likely to experience in the evening. That’s when everyone is back from work and online, when an internet route can become congested. However, that is not the only … Read More