How to Fix Connectivity Problems with Online Classes

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Six Ways to Perfect Your Live Video Class As it turns out, the next normal continues to keep everyone socially distanced in small groups. Online learning has become more essential than ever for both students and people who need to improve their knowledge, skills or health. The broader educational system may slowly return to normal, but learning digitally is here … Read More

Troubleshooting Connection Issues the Easy Way

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Speed, Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss – the Elements that Define Connectivity When you’re talking about an Internet connection and refer to it as “good” or “bad”, you generally mean how fast it is. Speed is the primary element we think of in the context of Internet connectivity. And there’s nothing wrong with that – usually the faster the connection, the … Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Comcast Connection Bonding

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[SOLVED] Bonding Multiple Comcast Internet Connections Ah, Internet issues from Comcast (Xfinity) – who hasn’t gotten them at least once? You know you have it if you see videos stuttering and buffering, lag going through the roof while gaming online or your Internet connection simply disconnecting randomly. So how should you deal with that? Naturally, the first impulse is to contact Comcast – your ISP. Which you … Read More

How to Optimize IRL Streaming Data Usage

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How Much Data Should You Allocate to IRL Streaming Live streaming in real life from different locations? The most important thing is having a fast and reliable Internet connection to serve you while live streaming. But how fast and how to make it more reliable? Most IRL live streamers go with multiple cellular connections. They use those on dedicated broadcasting … Read More

5 Tips on How to Fix an Unstable Wireless Connection

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The Future is Wireless: Make the Best of It and Avoid Unstable Connections In the past few years we have seen a rise in development of wireless technologies – from wireless chargers to wireless headphones. But somehow wireless internet, which has been around for longer, seems to have deteriorated in terms of quality of service. You can imagine how inconvenient … Read More