Alternative to Cellular Bonding Router Hardware

Software Based on Device Cellular Bonding

When you want to bond together multiple cellular connections (LTE, 5G), you no longer need to rely on heavy, expensive equipment dedicated especially for this operation. You now have an excellent alternative to cellular bonding in the form of bonding software, which can be used directly on the device you would be using the bonded connections on. For example, if you're live streaming, you can bond directly on your phone or computer.

Speedify is the only app that lets you combine any number of Internet connections for better performance on supported devices, from PC, Macs and Linux computers to iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. It's definitely a must for live streamers, reporters, travelers, remote workers and gamers.

Why Software Cellular Bonding Is Better than a Cellular Bonding Router Box

Whether you're using a cellular bonding router or just cellular bonding software, all solutions work very well for use cases such as:

But here's where software cellular bonding stands out:

  • it's much more versatile and portable than cellular bonding hardware, such a as a physical router. It's not limited to specific bandwidths and you don't need additional space, power sources or equipment to set it up in order to get great results when live streaming or just transferring files.
  • it's more cost friendly - all hardware-based internet bonding solutions (Dejero, LiveU, Mushroom Networks, Peplink, Streambox, Teradek and TVU Networks) have an initial investment of at least a few hundred dollars plus the subscription to cloud bonding services. Speedify cellular bonding software, for example, only charges you for the monthly or yearly subscription.
  • it's more flexible - instead of being committed to dedicated bonding hardware, with Speedify you can turn any supported device into an internet bonding machine for live streaming. If you want, you can even create your own bonded Internet router and use it in a similar way to a hardware bonding device.

Looking for a real world use case? Read about Doug Piper's decision to live stream beer tasting using Speedify after considering a LiveU setup.

Cellular Bonding Software: What Happens When One of the Connections Drops?

An unreliable Internet connection can drop when you need it the most. Imagine reporters and live streamers dropping their session or sales people dropping from video calls. Not fun.

If you are on the move you may have to constantly be trying to connect to new Wi-Fi hotspots to give you the fastest Internet connection possible. And even if you do have a mobile data connection, you're not fully protected from weak signal or no coverage areas.

Speedify cellular bonding software provides you with uninterrupted Internet by allowing you to combine two (or more) cellular connections right on your computer or mobile device.

Speedify is an app that's available on any device - PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and even Linux computers. It lets you combine any number of Internet connections for better performance by intelligently spreading your traffic between connections. It can seamlessly failover if one of them disappears in the middle of a video call or livestream.

The Speedify Alternative to Cellular Bonding Routers

Along with using channel bonding technology, Speedify does a bunch of cool stuff to optimize performance, including prioritizing streaming traffic and enabling redundancy on the fly. On top of that, at its core Speedify is also a VPN, which means it encrypts all of your web traffic to improve privacy and security.

As mentioned above, you can do cellular bonding on any of your devices. And if you truly need a cellular bonding router - meaning a box that can provide Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet bonded Internet for others - you can do that too with Speedify. Check out these tutorials on how to create a cellular bonding router on a Raspberry Pi / Linux computer and on a Mac.

Speedify delivers the kind of high-performance Internet experience that was previously only available to big companies that could afford an expensive IT infrastructure to your personal mobile device. If the Internet is an important part of your regular routine, you need Speedify.

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