Cellular Bonding Solutions for Live Streaming – Comparison

Cellular Bonding for Broadcast Explained - Reasons to Use It

When live streaming video online, reliable Internet connectivity is essential. Live media producers are constantly looking for solutions to get the job done without issues such as low quality video, stuttering, buffering and even dropouts.

The problem is you cannot trust a single Internet connection when broadcasting, because something can go wrong at any time due to temporary infrastructure problems, wireless signal coverage, etc. That's why it's best to use two or more Internet connections.

Cellular bonding for live streaming is the norm for broadcasting video nowadays. It usually refers to using multiple cellular connections simultaneously through dedicated cellular bonding hardware. Using a bonded network connection to live stream provides the reliability you need to avoid any type of broadcast issues.

But what is the best cellular bonding solution for live streaming? Check out our comparison sheet below that includes both hardware  bonding and software bonding solutions such as LiveU, Peplink, Teradek, Mushroom Networks, Streambox, TVU Networks, Dejero and Speedify.

COMPARISON SHEET: Bonded Cellular Solutions for Live Streaming

We analyzed the most popular solutions for bonded Internet when live streaming video online. We took into account a few criteria, including equipment, maximum bitrate supported and cost. Here are the facts.
Dejero LiveU Mushroom Networks Peplink Speedify Streambox Teradek TVU Networks
Typical equipment Dedicated hardware bonding device Dedicated hardware bonding device + streaming service subscription Dedicated hardware bonding device Dedicated hardware bonding device Software subscription to run directly on supported devices Dedicated hardware bonding device + streaming service subscription Dedicated hardware streaming / bonding device + streaming / bonding service subscription Dedicated hardware bonding device
Portability No Some solutions only - e.g. LiveU Solo Some solutions only - e.g. Streamer, Streamer Pro Some solutions only - e.g. SpeedFusion Engine Series Yes, depending on the device it’s running on: laptop, mobile device Some solutios only - e.g. AVENIR Mini 5 Some solutions only - e.g. Teradek Bond, Teradek LinkPro Some solutions only - e.g. TVU One / Nano
Supported connection types Ethernet (Gateway 211 only), Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular
Maximum bonding speed 1 Gbps 20 Mbps for streaming / 60 Mbps for file transfer (LU600 HEVC) Streamer Pro: 30 Mbps max. throughput
Streamer: 1 Gbps (standalone), 30 Mbps (RTMP) max. throughput
200 Mbps with SpeedFusion Cloud

300 Mbps - Speedify public servers

1 Gbps - Speedify with dedicated server

1 Gbps According to streaming settings - limited by ingest servers 1 Gbps for the 5G TVU One Router (portable)
Technology Smart Blending Technology LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) Broadband bonding SpeedFusion and other business-oriented ones Channel bonding, Speedify protocol Network bonding Sharelink, Core IS+ cellular bonding
Cost Approx. $4000 for the Gateway 211 Starting at $995 for the LiveU solo + $450 / year for the LRT service Starting at $10,000 Starting at $499 for the Peplink UBR LTE + SpeedFusion Cloud subscription starting at $20 / 6 months / 500 GB $90 / year
Optional: additional cost for the dedicated server(s)
Starting at $495 for the Streambox Cloud Event Package + the cost of the Avenir Mini 5 Starting at $4,990 for the Teradek LinkPro Backpack + $25 / month for the Sharelink service + additional cost per GB over 50 GB Upon request - should be at least a few hundred dollars for the TVU Router Nano

All solutions work very well for use cases such as:

Get High Speed, Reliable and Secure Bonded Cellular Directly on Your Device, No Extra Hardware

You may be wondering what you should use as a cellular bonding solution for your live broadcasts. When it comes to bonded Internet, there are three main things you should take into account before choosing / switching to one of the above:

  • Type of cellular bonding device: dedicated hardware vs. software - Speedify is unique in this space, as most bonded Internet solutions involve dedicated hardware. Speedify's software-only internet bonding solution prioritizes live streaming while running on any computer or mobile device. 
    Being a software service, Speedify is much more versatile and portable. It's not limited to specific bandwidths and you don't need additional space, power sources or equipment to  set it up in order to get great results when live streaming or transferring files.
  • Costs - all hardware-based internet bonding solutions (Dejero, LiveU, Mushroom Networks, Peplink, Streambox, Teradek and TVU Networks) have an initial investment of at least $495 plus the subscription to cloud bonding services. With Speedify, you only pay for the monthly or yearly subscription and enjoy cellular bonding for live streaming right on your own devices.
  • Flexibility - instead of being committed to dedicated bonding hardware, Speedify allows you to do cellular bonding for live streaming on any supported device. If you want, you can even create your own bonded Internet router and use it in a similar way to a hardware bonding device.

If you're hesitant in choosing software over hardware, here's a real world use case: Doug Piper successfully live streams beer tasting using Speedify after he had considered a LiveU based setup.

How Speedify Helps You Live Stream Flawlessly Over Bonded Cellular Connections

Speedify is the only app that lets you combine any number of internet connections for better performance. That translates into more stable and secure live streaming, video calling, and web browsing. Its channel bonding technology intelligently spreads your traffic between connections and can seamlessly failover if one of them disappears in the middle of a video call or broadcast. You don’t have to do anything, and you most likely won’t even notice anything different is happening.

On top of that, at its core Speedify is also a VPN, which means that it provides advanced encryption for all of your web traffic to improve privacy and security. Speedify is compatible with all recent computers and mobile devices and runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Please check the updated system requirements on the download page.

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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