How to Combine 10 Cellular Internet Connections Over the Air

Wireless Cellular Bonding on Your iPhone

The more Internet connections you can use, the better your connectivity is in terms of speed and reliability. And what's the only connection type that can serve you anywhere you go? That's right - cellular data.

We made this video a few years ago, where we demonstrated how to combine ten connections on a laptop using multiple phones and Wi-Fis. Although this still works, nobody wants to use a special rig and walk around with smartphones tethered to USB hubs which would be tethered to the bonding laptop. Plus - the only device that would benefit from the bonded connection would be the laptop.

In this article we share how we made combining 10 cellular Internet connections so easy that anybody can do it.

Pair & Share Ten Cellular Internet Connections to Your iPhone

To combine 10 Internet connections at once, you will need the Speedify app, which is available for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux. Speedify lets you combine any number of Internet connections for better performance by using channel bonding technology to intelligently spread traffic between connections.

Speedify's Pair & Share functionality enables you to easily share cellular connections back and forth between multiple Speedify users on the same local network wirelessly! It's like a supercharged personal hotspot and this means that:

  • no cables are needed
  • all paired devices can use the shared devices' cellular Internet connections

So it's not just one device that can benefit from faster, more reliable Internet, but multiple ones.

The only requirement to use this feature is that all devices should be on the same local network. If there isn't an accessible public Wi-Fi network to connect to, one of the devices can create a personal hotspot. All other devices can connect to it and then follow the steps to pair and share.

3 Steps to Combine 10 Cellular Internet Connections on an iPhone

What you need

  • 9 smartphones for 9 cellular connections - better if they run on different cellular networks
  • one Wi-Fi network - either public or created by one of the phones
  • the Speedify app installed on all smartphones.

Steps to bond 10 cellular connections

  1. Connect all smartphones to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Run Speedify and pair devices between them
  3. Share the cellular connection of each of the 9 smartphones

... and you're all set! Now you can livestream, work remotely or do whatever Internet intensive tasks you want on a faster and more reliable connection. And it's not just you who can do that - every other paired device will benefit from this.

Your Bonded Cellular Connection Is Also Secure

Pair & Share is built with security in mind. Only the people you trust will be able to pair & share their Internet connections with you.

  • You only pair with devices after you give permission. You can stop sharing at any time
  • All traffic between the devices on the local network is encrypted
  • All your internet traffic is encrypted on your device, so that only the Speed Server can decrypt it. This means that even if you're sending your web browsing and email through someone else's phone's Cellular, there is no way for that person to read or change any of your data
  • We do not upload, who you paired or shared with, what sites you visited, or the name of your device to our servers, or any third party.   

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