How to Combine WiFi and Mobile Data on Your Smartphone

Can You Combine WiFi and Mobile Internet Data Simultaneously? With all the live streaming, online gaming and other bandwidth intensive applications going on, the Internet has to be up for that. Have you ever encountered slow Internet on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device? Or one that kept disconnecting? Even when it says you’re connected to Wi-Fi, chances are … Read More

Use WiFi and Mobile Data Together Simultaneously on Your iPhone

Get Faster, More Stable Internet on Your iPhone or iPad by Combining Wi-Fi and Cellular Data SimultaneouslyTired of slow or unreliable Internet? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use the mobile data connection on your iPhone / iPad AND a Wi-Fi connection at the same time? Lucky for you, it’s easy with Speedify, the one of a kind … Read More

How to Setup the Fastest VPN for iPhone 12 and iOS 14

Privacy and Faster Internet from the Best VPN for iPhone VPNs or virtual private networks have been around for a long time. They encrypt all of the data sent and received from your device. This means that if someone is trying to snoop on your Internet traffic, all they get is scrambled bits of data. They wouldn’t be able to … Read More

SOLVED: Keep Having to Turn WiFi On and Off iPhone – How to Fix

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How to Avoid Keep Having to Turn WiFi On and Off on the iPhone It’s highly probably that you’ve stumbled upon this issue on your iPhone already: after some time being connected to a WiFi network, your iPhone loses Internet connectivity, even though sometimes the icon shows that it’s connected. You’re not the only one with this issue – many … Read More

Solved: VPN Disconnects on iPhone and iPad. How to Fix it!

How to Keep a VPN Connection Alive on an iPhone or iPadUsing a VPN is the safest way to connect to the Internet, especially when you are using unfamiliar or public networks. But, increasingly people are connecting to VPNs with their iPhones and iPads instead of their laptops. For many, the iPhone VPN experience is a frustrating one. The connection is always slow, … Read More