[TUTORIAL] IRL Streaming Outdoors with an iPhone

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IRL Streaming Outdoors – Get Started on Your iPhoneWhen you’re going live IRL (in real life) from outdoors, you need to make sure your streaming setup is up to the game. It doesn’t matter which platform you use – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. – your IRL stream needs to shine. Back in 2021, we started Speedify LIVE as … Read More

[TEST] iPhone Overheating when Live Streaming – Solutions

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Why Do iPhones Overheat when Live Streaming?The operating temperatures and the temperature management are very important aspects of any modern device, whether we’re talking about mobile devices, appliances or cars. They can greatly influence the way the device performs, as well as its lifespan. When it comes to iPhones (and other mobile devices, for that matter), there are two things … Read More

[GUIDE] How to Stream IRL from iPhone

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How We Stream IRL on Speedify LiveDuring December 2021, Speedify Live engaged in a series of IRL live streams from the Philadelphia area. We hope we managed to bring a bit of the holiday spirit directly into your home via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other platforms we stream Speedify Live. We needed a simple setup that could serve … Read More

Fast and Reliable Internet for Professional Streaming on iPhone

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Can You Stream Video at a Professional Level with an iPhone 12 or Newer? Most professional streamers agree that the iPhone 12 can match most DSLR cameras for professional video streaming. And it’s not only the camera specs – ultra wide lens, capable of delivering 10 bit HDR video at 4k resolution / 60 fps. Here’s another reason why the … Read More

How to Combine Starlink and a Tethered iPhone on Ubuntu Linux

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Combine Starlink Internet with a Tethered iPhone to Get More Stable ConnectivityCombining two Internet connections on Linux is no rocket science. All you need is the right channel bonding app like Speedify. In this guide we’ll show you how you can use your Starlink satellite Internet connection via Wi-Fi together with a tethered iPhone or iPad. You will be combining … Read More

Use Starlink and Mobile Data at the Same Time on Your iPhone

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Get Faster, More Stable Internet on your iPhone or iPad by Combining Your Starlink Satellite Connection with Cellular Data at the Same TimeIf you’re tired of slow or unreliable Internet from your Starlink, then you need to use that simultaneously with a secondary connection. And the one that’s already available for you is your mobile data connection on your iPhone … Read More