How to Connect to and Combine 2 Wi-Fi Connections at Once on a Mac

Cristian Miculi Combining Internet Connections, How To

Combining two Wi-Fi Internet connections is no rocket science – it’s actually very simple if you have the right channel bonding (or link aggregation) software app like Speedify.  On a Mac, you can use the internal Wi-Fi adapter and a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Each of them will connect to a different Wi-Fi network. Using Speedify, you will be able to combine them. … Read More

How to Combine Ethernet (LAN) and 4G Cellular at Once on Your Mac

Cristian Miculi Combining Internet Connections, How To

When your wired Internet connection is slow and unstable, you can get rid of these issues by combining it with a 4G cellular connection right on your Mac computer. You will need a channel bonding (link aggregation) service to do that. Speedify fast bonding VPN can help you combine your Mac’s Ethernet (LAN) Internet connection with a 4G LTE cellular … Read More

Complete Guide on iPhone Tethering via Bluetooth to a Mac

Sam Vitale Kofman How To

Tethering your iPhone to your Mac using Bluetooth is easy. However, while Bluetooth is a convenient and wireless way to get internet from your iPhone to your Mac, it is limited to 1 Mbps (Bluetooth 4) or 2 Mbps (Bluetooth 5). If you have fast LTE speeds on your phone, you might get better results with USB or Wi-Fi tethering. … Read More