How to Combine Starlink Internet with Wi-Fi on a Mac

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Use Your Starlink Internet Together with a Secondary Wi-Fi Connection for More Reliable and Faster Connectivity on macOSYou may ask yourself why use two Internet sources at the same time, like Starlink and another Wi-Fi. The benefits of doing this with a channel bonding app like Speedify include getting a faster, more stable and secure Internet. In this guide you … Read More

Why Does My Mac Keep Disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

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How to Make Sure You Stay Online when Your Mac Disconnects from Wi-FiWhy is my Mac dropping me on Wi-Fi, AGAIN?!  A slow and unstable connection can cause this and it’s usually at the worst possible time.  Did you have a work meeting with your supervisor to go over urgent matters?  Was there a school lecture that is pivotal for … Read More

Can You Combine Connections on iMac? Yes, you can!

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How to Combine Connections on iMac for Faster, More Reliable InternetWorking from home on your iMac? With the recent events, many are in a similar situation. This leads to overcrowding the residential networks you’re part of, which means slower Internet that is more susceptible to disconnects. So how can you avoid this? What if you would combine connections on iMac? … Read More

A to Z Guide to Combine Connections on Mac Mini and Mac Pro

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Use Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Cellular at the Same Time on Mac Mini / ProJust to clarify: we’re not talking about switching between connections – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cellular dongle, etc. We’re saying you can use all your available connections simultaneously on your Mac Mini or Mac Pro. That’s great news, as your connection will get faster and more stable. Your Mac will be able … Read More

How to Use 2 Cellular Adapters at the Same Time on Mac

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Combine 2 Wireless Cellular Adapters on macOS for Increased Reliability and SpeedIs your Internet connection slow and unreliable, even when you connect your Mac to Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet? Do you get a lot of buffering and disconnects on video calls? Are you working on the move, while commuting? If the answer is yes to at least one of the … Read More

How to Combine Connections on macOS Simultaneously

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Use Your Home Internet, Tethered Smartphone and Any Other Connections Together at Once on Your MacHow many connections do you have available on your Mac? Let’s think for a moment: you have your home Internet, which you can connect to via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet you have your cellular connection from your smartphone you may have other USB network dongles … Read More