Broadband Bonding Software – How it Works, Why It’s Better

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Broadband Bonding Software for Faster, More Reliable Internet Broadband can bring fast Internet to homes and businesses. But, sometimes it just isn’t fast enough. Here are just a few things that require a lot of bandwidth: music streaming,  video streaming, data intensive games and apps Plus, you might also encounter ISP throttling issues. Given all this, a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough … Read More

Hybrid Access Software for Your Laptop: Fast, Stable and Secure Internet

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Speedify Hybrid Access Software App Running Directly on Your Device Hybrid access is a technique for offloading data originally intended for transport across cellular networks onto broadband networks whenever possible. This would free up expensive mobile bandwidth for other customers and allows carriers to take better advantage of existing wired telecom infrastructure. The setup for hybrid access usually includes dedicated … Read More

VPN App or VPN Plugin? Why You Should Always Go with the VPN App

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Why a VPN App is Always Better Than a VPN Plugin for Your Browser A VPN is the perfect solution in order to use the Internet privately and securely, without anyone snooping on your data(including your ISP!). There are 2 main types of VPN services available: VPN apps that run standalone (like Speedify) and VPN plugins (or VPN extensions) that … Read More

Link Aggregation Made Easy: Software for Best Results

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Link Aggregation Switch? No Need for One – Just Use Software! In computer networking context, link aggregation refers to combining (aggregating) multiple network connections at the same time. This brings two main benefits: increases throughput to near the combined value of the connections being combined, and provides redundancy in case some of the links fail. A typical link aggregation implementation … Read More

3G / 4G Bonding Done By Software Only, No Hardware!

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Bond Multiple Cellular Connections with Speedify SoftwareWhen you have a remote operation you often have to depend on cellular networks for Internet access. But, one cellular connection alone usually doesn’t deliver enough bandwidth. The only solution is to bond multiple 3G/4G LTE connections together into a single pipe. That used to mean buying expensive equipment and paying for an IT … Read More

Hybrid Access Broadband Networking Solutions

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Hybrid Access Improves Quality of Service and Reduces Costs for Network Operators As markets, customers, and smartphones continue to multiply, Network Operators and MVNOs are facing critical bandwidth issues. In the face of soaring costs and overloaded cellular networks, Carriers have been working for years to develop hybrid access technologies to offload this increased traffic to broadband or DSL and … Read More