Video Alert: Speedify New Video Studio is Ready. It’s Video Time!

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If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” just imagine what a video is worth. We all love watching videos, whether they’re movies, TV series, live-streamed games on Twitch, or TED Talks. When it comes to tutorials, nothing beats videos: compared to written text, they’re easier to follow and understand. This is why we decided to invest more time into … Read More

What is the Best Video Bitrate for Live Streaming Without Buffering?

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Live streaming is one of the most effective ways of connecting with friends, fans, and customers. They key to making your live streams professional isn’t just the equipment you use. It’s also the bitrate you use for your video. If you use the wrong bitrate you can increase buffering or lower the resolution of your stream. The best bitrate for … Read More

FaceTime Group Video Call Not Working? Here are 3 Steps to Fix That!

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FaceTime is the ultimate video calls app for iPhone, very versatile, that helps you get in touch with your friends and business partners. Originally allowing just one-to-one video calls, starting with iOS 12, Apple confirmed preexisting rumors and introduced group video calls to FaceTime. Up to 32 people will be able to chat through video on FaceTime. Don’t be sad if … Read More

Why is my Facebook Live Stream Blurry? Here’s an Easy Fix

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Ever try and watch your friend on their Facebook Live stream only to find it was blurry? It’s frustrating. It makes Facebook Live almost unusable. But, the problem isn’t Facebook. The reason your Facebook Live stream is blurry is because of the way your mobile device is connecting to the Internet. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this – read … Read More

Improve Facebook Live Broadcasts: Use Multiple Connections

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Are you broadcasting live video streams to Facebook? Encountering issues related to Internet bandwidth, latency (lag) or jittery / choppy video quality reported by your watchers? Or you just want to improve Facebook live broadcasts so your friends can watch you in 1080p resolution? First of all, take a look at these tips for using Facebook Live from Facebook and … Read More