How Fast is Speedify?

Quora users ask how fast Speedify really is A while ago, there was some discussion on Quora about Speedify that CEO, Alex Gizis jumped in and started moderating. Users were asking for the nitty-gritty on what kind of speed improvements they might expect using the Speedify service. Alex decided to drop everything and actually run some tests to show users … Read More

(No) Surprise! AT&T is Tracking You Too!

“Perma-cookies” are not deliciousYesterday, I blogged about how Verizon Wireless was inserting a “perma-cookie” into their users’ web traffic, so they can track and sell customer browsing data to advertisers. They’re adding  what’s called an X-UIDH header to every HTTP request that you send through their network, and to make matters worse, they’re offering no good way to opt-out of … Read More

How to Prevent Verizon from Tracking You

Is Your Data Being Tracked? In fall 2014, the news broke that Verizon Wireless is tracking all of their customers with what’s being called a “perma-cookie” and it’s a major privacy concern. They’ve devised a slick way to capture your browsing data with an “X-UIDH header” and sell it to advertisers. To see if they’re tracking you, visit This … Read More