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Mobile Data Offloading from LTE, 3G, and 4G to Wi-Fi

Every day the demand for high bandwidth applications and services increases, putting more stress on an already oversaturated cellular signal infrastructure. LTE offloading has the potential to improve the overall consumer experience, while also sharply reducing costs for network operators and MVNOs. However, before widespread LTE offloading can become a reality, carriers need an easy and convenient way to get mobile devices to automatically reroute traffic. Speedify is the most innovative and cost effective solution to this issue.

What is LTE Offloading?

LTE offloading (sometimes referred to as WiFi Offloading) is the idea that data should travel over (cheaper) wifi instead of 3G, 4G, or LTE cellular networks whenever practical and without negatively affecting the customer experience.

Some of the primary obstacles are:

  • iOS and Android devices are unable to tell when a hotspot is “dead” or not functioning properly
  • Manually switching between networks is time consuming and cumbersome
  • Consumers end up with interrupted internet access during network changeovers
  • Consumer concern about hotspot security

Speedify addresses all of these with seamless channel bonding technology.

What are the Benefits of LTE Offloading?

LTE is expensive for carriers and MVNOs. Offloading this mobile data onto Wi-Fi hotspots reduces the load on the core network and allows carriers to take better advantage of existing wired telecom infrastructure to reduce costs.

LTE Offloading and channel bonding with Speedify

Speedify is a complete solution to channel bonding and Wi-Fi offloading issues on mobile devices. It can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS software and runs in the background monitoring and improving network performance for all the apps on the device. The Speedify bonding technology is cost aware and uses policy based routing that can be configured for increased speed or reduced cellular usage. Optional VPN encryption means that Speedify can also keep users secure across public Wi-Fi networks.

Currently, when a consumer connects to a dead hotspot, the device does not automatically fall back to using LTE. Instead, the consumer is stranded without any internet connection. This creates a poor user experience and discourages future use of hotspots. Speedify eliminates this problem.

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