Why You Need a Dedicated VPN Server for Online Games

How to Choose the Best Online Gaming VPN

In popular culture, using a VPN for online games is often regarded as unnecessary, as it usually slows down your Internet connection. And for most VPNs that’s true. However, there are some perks of using a VPN when gaming online:

  • Enjoy region restricted exclusive content for your gaming platform. Not to mention exclusive pricing;
  • Protect yourself from DDoS attacks, especially when taking part in esports tournaments;
  • Play multiplayer games in every region.

Still stuck at that first one, with VPNs slowing down the connection? There’s a solution to that: dedicated VPN servers. This means that only you and potentially your esports team will be connecting through a server and getting the best service available. You get to choose the location of the server, the speed, etc. And you get guarantees for that.

See below how to get the best VPN for online games and use it to maximize bandwidth, minimize latency and enjoy online gaming.

How Does a VPN for Online Games Work

When you’re using a VPN, your computer or smartphone connects through a secure tunnel to a remote server. This server can be located anywhere in the world and has a unique IP address. This address communicates with the Internet – the gaming server in your case. So, you’ll be able to:

  • Play exclusive games only available to certain regions
  • Potentially get a better price than in your region for your favorite game
  • Use gaming servers anywhere in the world when traveling
  • Potentially minimize lag by connecting to a public VPN server that is close to your gaming server.

However, using a VPN for online games has its disadvantages as well:

  • You might not be able to connect to certain game servers if the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to has been blacklisted. This may happen if another person using the same server broke the rules when playing online;
  • Seeing slow speeds across the board. If there are a lot of people connected to the same server, the VPN for online games will be slow. You can try to switch between available VPN servers, but that takes time and there are no guarantees.
  • Getting disconnected from the VPN server due to lack of processing power on the server. Same as above, this may happen when a lot of people are connected to the same server and are competing for resources.

How to Choose a VPN for Online Games – Get the One that Offers Dedicated VPN Server

To eliminate the downside of using a VPN for online games and only keep the benefits, you’ll need to connect to a dedicated VPN server. If you’re already using a VPN for online games, check to see if they have this – not VPN dedicated IP, but dedicated VPN serversee here the difference.

With a dedicated VPN server you’ll get to choose the location of your server – close to the gaming servers. And also have some minimum guarantees when it comes to the VPN connection speed and server processing power.

When using a VPN for online games with a dedicated VPN server, you will be able to minimize the latency to the gaming servers. And also avoid to compete with other users on the same VPN server for its resources and bandwidth.

Plus – avoid IP bans on certain games “thanks” to fellow users of the public VPN server.

Why Speedify is the Best VPN for Online Games

How to Get a Dedicated VPN Server for Online Gaming with Speedify

Ready to benefit from the channel bonding technology? Get the best bang for your buck when getting a dedicated VPN server from Speedify for online gaming. Combine 2 or more connections together on your devices easily and maximize the bandwidth you get from your secure connection.

Here’s what you have to do to get a dedicated VPN server with Speedify:

  1. Go to the Speedify Store page on our website.
  2. Select the “Team” account type and let us know how many users you need. Each can use Speedify simultaneously on up to 5 devices.
  3. Choose a billing cycle – we recommend the Yearly Plan, as you will be saving when compared to the Monthly Plan
  4. Select the Dedicated Server option.
  5. Finish the payment for the Subscription Plan.
  6. A member of our team will be in touch with you to confirm the details of the dedicated server – where that should be, which provider, etc.

If you already have a Teams Account with Speedify, login to your Teams Dashboard and click “Add a Dedicated Server” from the Servers page.

Ready to upgrade your Internet connection with a dedicated VPN server? Use Speedify and get the best for your money in terms of security, reliability and speed!

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