User Spotlight: Connectivity in Rural Areas

Speedify Helps Provide Fast, Stable and Secure Internet in Rural Areas

Rural areas are great for people looking to get away from the noisy, polluted and agitated cities around the world. However, the Internet situation here is not as happy as within the urban areas. Most of the times, there is only one Internet service provider serving the area via cable, DSL or satellite. And, of course, there are also the mobile operators that can provide online access.

The speeds are not even close to the ones in the cities – at least for now. So – how can you be as productive while working remotely? The answer is: by getting the best Internet connection available. And this should meet the 3 coordinates: speed, stability and security.

This post will explain how you can get fast, stable and secure Internet in rural areas on any of your devices. We will use advanced technology in the form of an app: Speedify bonding VPN. Don’t forget to read the use cases below from real people in real life situations.

Use Case: Doctor Working Remotely to Help People More Effectively

We recently received an email from a new user, Caleb, who gushed about Speedify allowing him to work on very important assignments from home where he has limited access to high speed Internet.

“I want to keep this brief- I’m not one to “gush” positive reviews, but Speedify has been Life Changing for me. I’m recommending your services to the other people in my situation, and I believe we represent a small niche area where perhaps you (Speedify) can grow your market.

I am a rural doc, a radiologist, with very limited access to high speed internet. I’ve been struggling for Years with low connection speeds at home. I interpret medical imaging for regional hospitals, and the image files tend to be big (CT or MRI, for example). When my connections were down or too slow, I’d have to drive into the hospital to do work, often in the middle of the night.

I’m relatively tech savvy, so I had a few DSL lines running into a load balancing router in my house. The problem is, the hospitals use specific compression/encryption that doesn’t like having packets split across two or more different connections. So, the best I could do was dedicate one full line to my work, while my other connection(s) would serve the household internet needs. My DSL provider and WiSP provider refuse to bond lines, even if I’m willing to pay for it.

Now with Speedify, I’m “actually” bonding my two lower-speed DSL lines, as well as my WiSP connection and occasionally cellular data when I need an extra boost. I don’t need to mess with extra hardware. My connections to the hospitals are relatively fast, steady and reliable, which means I’m not running to the hospital every night anymore. My limited experience with your tech support has been fantastic.

What more to say, other than THANK YOU!! I hope you guys stay successful- the service means a LOT to me! Please feel free to forward this email to your management/owners/whatever.

Thanks again!!

– Caleb”

We love knowing that Speedify has helped Caleb in dire situations. It can be difficult to access high speed Internet in rural areas, but we are proof that staying connected doesn’t have to be difficult or a chore! Thank you, Caleb, for sharing your experience with us!

Use Case: Better Internet for All Family Members, including Public Wi-FI Protection

The most recent feedback we got is from John, who lives in the US countryside. Here’s what he has to say about using Speedify for faster, more stable and secure Internet access:

“There are several ways I use Speedify due to different strengths, but a common factor is that we live out in the country where we cannot get cable, FiOS or even DSL. The price we pay for our pastoral bliss is being limited to satellite internet (ViaSat or HughesNet both with 800ms pings and poor connections during bad weather) or what I have chosen – cell phones and cellular hotspots (have a mix of all three – VerizonWireless, AT&T and Sprint).

First use case is to provide basic idiot proof VPN for a 90yr old mother who is both impatient and computer illiterate, so simplicity, reliability and speed are all critical. […]

Second use case is my laptop & desktop PCs where I want lots of speed and don’t mind tinkering to get it. So a single tunnel Speedify stays running all the time to a hotspot, but when I need to do something fast, I will add one or two cell phones by USB tethering. Speedify works great for both solo and bonding. […]

Third use case is on a mix of older cell phones and tablets when connecting to WiFi in public, where CPU impact seems to be of critical importance. […]


How to Get Fast Internet in Rural Areas: Why Aren’t ISPs Investing in Infrastructure

Broadband infrastructure has costs associated to it which Internet service providers are not yet willing to spend. Broadband lobby groups are arguing that Internet service is similar to utilities such as electricity, gas distribution, roads, and water and sewer networks. So, the government should give ISPs more money.

According to the latest FCC Broadband Deployment Report, in rural areas:

  • 68.6% of Americans have access to both fixed terrestrial services at 25 Mbps/3 Mbps and mobile LTE at speeds of 5 Mbps/1 Mbps
  • approximately 14 million rural Americans still lack mobile LTE broadband at speeds of 10 Mbps/3 Mbps

The most frequent services available for Internet in rural areas are satellite and/or DSL. Each of them has their pros and cons. Bottom line – if you want to be able to work remotely, play online games or stream without buffering in rural areas, get 2 or more connections. And combine them at once using Speedify fast bonding VPN!

How to Get Fast Internet in Rural Areas with Speedify

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that uses channel bonding technology to combine 2 or more Internet connections at once. This delivers more bandwidth, increased connection reliability and protects your private data.

In order to get faster Internet in rural areas, you should have at least two Internet connections available. These can be from the same ISP or different ones:

Basically, any combination of Internet connections will work.

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