[SOLVED] My Hotspot Is Not Working – How to Go Online

Wi-Fi Hotspot Doesn’t Work? Here’s How to Access the Internet

Nowadays, you’re not stuck anymore with your Ethernet cable and bound by its length. You can use the internet while being mobile at the same time via Wi-Fi hotspots. You can connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots or you can create your own personal hotspot on your phone. But sometimes you find yourself wondering why your hotspot is not working.

In this post we will discuss the most common issues that you may encounter with WiFi hotspots. We will also show you a way to stay connected when hotspot isn’t working.

My Hotspot Is Not Working! Why?

A Wi-Fi hotspot uses wireless technology to send and transmit information over the network. This makes it easier than wired cables to be interfered with. Think of Wi-Fi like a walkie talkie. Like walkie talkies, Wi-Fi hotspots also use wireless channels. If that specific wireless channel is busy then most likely you will have issues with your Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Another thing that comes up with wireless transmission is interference. If there are multiple Wi-Fi hotspots or other wireless devices that are broadcasting on the same or adjacent channels, you’re bound to have issues with your hotspot.

How Do I Get My Hotspot to Work?

First of all – if you can do that, restart the Wi-Fi router or device that provides the Wi-Fi hotspot. And, of course, make sure it has a functional Internet (WAN) connection.

If you’re having interference problems, you can easily fix this by changing your wireless channel. There are several apps available on the app stores that can tell you what WiFi channels are being used at your location by the Wi-Fi hotspots nearby. NetSpot on Mac and Windows and Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android are the most known apps that can do this. After you have this information, set your Wi-Fi hotspot to a channel that is least used.

If you wish to really improve your Internet connectivity and be able to stay connected even when your hotspot is not working, use Speedify. It allows you to combine the Wi-Fi hotspot connection with your cellular one on your mobile devices. And with other types on computers and Linux devices. This way, you’ll always be connected and get the best speed.

Use Speedify to Get Fast, Stable and Secure Internet

Speedify is a bonding VPN serivice that also provides advanced security for your online data. While other VPNs can be clunky and slow, Speedify improves the speed and quality of your Internet connection, and it doesn’t drain your battery either.

If you are regularly getting stuck on bad hotspots, get started with Speedify today! You’re welcome!

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