Virtual Awards Ceremony Done Right – Plan for Reliable Internet Connectivity

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Fast and Reliable Internet = Key Element to Hosting Virtual Awards I think it’s safe to say that at least some virtual award ceremonies are here to stay. After some being cancelled back in 2020 due to the pandemic, they came back in 2021 as full or partial virtual events: Golden Globe Awads Grammy Awards Academy Awards (Oscars) And when … Read More

Are You Having Issues Connecting to a Captive Portal Router? Look No Further! Here’s the Easiest Fix for That!

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What Is A Captive Portal and Why Do You Need to Agree to Its Terms To Get Connected In layman’s terms, a captive portal is a page you get at the coffeehouse, airport, hotel, etc. You have to get permission at before connecting to their Wi-Fi network. Most businesses have these since it gives them better security and a way … Read More

How to Get Internet Connectivity in an RV

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Ultimate Guide to Get Fast and Stable Internet in RV So you decided you want to spend some time living in an RV – be it on vacation, for the summer or for a longer period of time. Good for you! Outside of the usual amenities like power, water and gas for cooking / heating, you also have to consider … Read More

72 Remote Work Statistics & Trends You Need to Know in 2021

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Remote Work in 2020 – What Happened In 2020, the pandemic forced many of us to work remotely. It was either that, or have a workforce that wouldn’t be able to work at all as cases grew around the world. Going into it, many companies expected challenges. What they found was a resilient workforce. Employees expected to be less productive, … Read More