How to Run a Virtual Event: Good Connectivity Is Essential

Hosting a Virtual Event Successfully Requires Fast, Stable and Secure Connectivity

In today's next normal, virtual events are becoming a popular thing. These are here to stay even after the pandemic will be over. Some of the benefits of virtual events are saving time, being more cost effective and easier to make connections.

When you’re running a virtual event, you need a lot of things. Fast, stable and secure Internet is just one of them. You need internet that doesn’t let you down when you want to follow a presentation or engage in a video conference with potential business partners.

If your internet is slow or disconnects randomly, it will have a negative impact on your virtual event. To ensure that your event goes smoothly, you need to get a fast, stable and secure Internet connection for yourself, as the organizer and possibly moderator. And, of course, if you have a speaker roster, you need to make sure they have that as well.

This article shares how to run a virtual event successfully from the point of view of Internet connectivity.

Essential Element for Virtual Events: Stable Connectivity

First of all - are you planning to have a "central" place where all speakers will hold their presentations from at your virtual event? Or where you will moderate from?

Fortunately, most company campuses have high speed broadband. But if you’re holding the corporate event outside the company campus, it might become difficult to get fast and stable internet. To ensure that your virtual event goes smoothly, you’ll need to bond various internet networks. This will take care of issues such as network congestion.

Depending on your internet provider, you can visit their coverage map to see the level of service they can offer in a specific area. For example, you can see the AT&T coverage map here.

If you need more bandwidth than what’s provided by the internet company in a single connection, you’ll need to combine multiple internet channels. This results in a faster online experience that’s required to run any successful virtual event.

Another advantage of using bonded internet is its reliability. If one connection fails, there are others to serve as a backup so you won’t go offline.

If you won't have  "central" base for your virtual event, then you should equip yourself and your speakers with fast, stable and secure connectivity. This can be done by using the solution above - using multiple internet connections at once.

How to Run a Virtual Event with Best Connectivity: Combine Multiple Internet Connections

Using multiple Internet connections at once is usually done with the help of dedicated bonding hardware. There are devices that can plug in various internet connections. Here’s what you need extra along with the hardware:

  • pay to rent the equipment. After the event is over, bonded Internet is gone.
  • specialist engineers to manage and run that hardware. The companies that offer channel bonding services on rent generally send their own people and hardware for your event.

But now, several companies have started using software channel bonding services that are easier and cheaper to run. They are more efficient and don’t require a special setup. Speedify is one such channel bonding software option.

Speedify Makes Virtual Events Successful When Used by Everyone Involved

The short story on how to run a virtual event successfully? At the bare minimum, use software channel bonding for the organizers and the speakers. And, of course, if those attending find themselves with slow, unreliable Internet, they can get it as well. And it's very simple to do it - there's no need to rent equipment, sign contracts, etc.

Speedify provides channel bonding services at no extra costs – there is no hardware setup and you don’t need extra engineers for all the work. There are no special VPNs required to keep your data safe. Speedify is one app that performs all these functions. It bonds several channels and encrypts your traffic. And it’s so easy to use that even an internet novice can use it. It offers enterprise-level coverage providing your team with the necessary bandwidth.

As a fast bonding VPN, Speedify acts like a power-up for your device. Instead of only using a single Internet connection at a time, Speedify allows your device to use multiple connections simultaneously. You’ll get more bandwidth and more stable livestreams.

Speedify constantly monitors the quality of your Internet connections. If the Wi-Fi becomes unreliable, it’ll automatically reroute data through cellular data until Wi-Fi is available again.

Moreover, it will automatically identify audio and video streams, and provide quality of service (QoS) by prioritizing streams over other traffic. Web browsing and software updates can’t mess up your calls and live streams.

Get rid of all the connectivity hassles that come with running a successful virtual event. Use Speedify!

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