Security AND Speed from VPN When Traveling? Yes, you can!

VPN When Traveling: Stay Safe With Fast Internet

Whether going overseas or just commuting, using a VPN when traveling is always a good idea, for at least two reasons: you’ll be protected from hackers or prying eyes that are going after your data, even through public Wi-Fi networks, and you’ll also be able to access geo-restricted content when abroad.

At the same time, one of the most common issues for travelers is getting access to fast Internet in order to be able to stream videos, run video calls and so on. Did you know there’s a single software app that solves both issues at once?

Read below to see how Speedify, a next generation VPN built for mobility, gets you safe with the fastest Internet connection possible. VPN when traveling? Yes, please, Speedify!

Best VPN When Traveling: Gets You Both Security And Speed

Speedify is a unique software app available for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC, which was built specifically with this goal in mind: to harness and optimize all the Internet connections you have available, resulting in faster, more reliable, and secure Internet.

Speedify is a VPN built for mobility that uses patent-pending channel bonding technology to use multiple Internet connections at once and correct the Internet transmission errors you normally get when moving around.

Explained: How Speedify VPN Delivers Secure and Faster Internet When Traveling

Many VPN services claim they protect your data while traveling and they are the fastest VPN on the market, but nobody actually explains how they do it. Speedify has no secrets – our technology is unique and helps millions of people worldwide get faster, more reliable Internet through this revolutionary VPN when traveling.

When you’re traveling by train or bus it can be hard to get any work done, or even just relax on social media with a flaky, slow, or unreliable Wi-Fi connection. Compared to wired connections (which are unavailable while traveling, unless at a hotel that still supports it), wireless connections are far more prone to sporadic and temporary connectivity issues.

This is what happens when you see the Internet is slow: packets of transmitted data is lost or received out of order and the connection tries to resync, thus slowing down the whole process.

This is where Speedify steps up: on “lossy” and unreliable public networks, Speedify instantly detects when a packet has been lost and resends it before any slowdowns occur. So, even if you’re using a single connection with Speedify, it will improve the whole experience, delivering up to twice the bandwidth than when not using Speedify.

The great thing about Speedify is that it can combine multiple Internet connections to give you a secure, fast and reliable connection. On your iPhone or Android smartphone you permanently have 2 connections available: the train or bus Wi-Fi and your mobile data connection. If you’re using your laptop, you can tether your phone so you can also benefit from the mobile data. Speedify intelligently combines the 2 connections on your phone so you won’t pay any extra fees to your mobile provider for going over your plan’s data allowance.

Speedify: the Ultimate VPN When Traveling

Unlike other conventional VPN services, Speedify doesn’t slow down your online speed as a VPN when traveling, as it uses a proprietary encryption algorithm that is fast and secure, to make sure you don’t compromise speed for security. So, you’ll get both better security and better speed with Speedify as a VPN when traveling!

Plus – most important – Speedify doesn’t log any data regarding your online activity, as other VPNs (or even your own ISP) might do, in order to sell your browsing data to marketing agencies – ever wondered how come “the ads” know you’ve been looking at something in particular?

It’s time you go equipped with a next generation VPN when traveling. Whether it’s business or leisure trips, you’ll have peace of mind that you are secured and are able to get the best Internet speed anywhere. Speedify provides the speed, security and reliability for this. Get started with Speedify FREE now – no strings attached, no email sign-up necessary!

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Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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