Is your Snapchat Unstable? Here are Some Quick & Easy Fixes

Snapchat Unstable – What to Do?

Ah, Snapchat – the app that makes us look into our screens and make weird faces. Even if you don’t use it for communication, you must have used it at least once to see how you’d look if you were a baby or an alien or the opposite gender or anything else.

While some of us have fun with Snapchat, others aren’t so lucky. For some, it keeps crashing all the time.

Is your Snapchat unstable?

If your app stops suddenly and the phone displays the message, “Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped” this might mean you’re having the Snapchat unstable issue.

Or if you feel that Snapchat has started to crash or freeze too frequently, this may also mean that your Snapchat isn’t stable.

While it’s a pretty steady app, some users (mostly Android) often complain that it doesn’t run smoothly on their phones. If your Snapchat isn’t stable, it might be because of an issue with your device or network. Let’s see how these issues can be fixed.

Snapchat Unstable – Device Issues

If the problem is with your device or operating system, it can be resolved with these steps:

  1. Restart your phone - If the problem is temporary, you can fix it by just restarting your phone. Turn your phone off and then turn it back on again.
  1. Clear the cache - You’ll find the cache in App settings. Find Snapchat there and clear the cache to make more space for the app.
  1. Update the app - If you have an old version of the app, that might be the problem. Update to the latest version and you might notice that your app has become stable.
  1. Reinstall the app - Delete the app and then install it again. This might fix the problem if the app wasn’t properly installed the first time.

If any of these steps fixes the issue, the problem was with the device. However, if Snapchat is still unstable, it’s probably your network that’s at fault.

Snapchat Unstable – Network Issues

If your filters are taking too long to load, it might be the network. Are you currently on the go? If you’re in the car, bus or a train, you might be entering and leaving some Wi-Fi zones, leading to unstable internet.

Your cellular signal strength also gets affected when you move to different locations, thus making the network slow and choppy. If you live in a region where network speeds are slow, that might be the reason behind your Snapchat stability issues.

Fortunately, most internet providers offer a connectivity or outage map so you can see the status of their service at a particular location.

If you’re stuck with unreliable and slow internet, you can fix that by using Speedify. Let us explain how.

Speedify – Fixing Snapchat Issues

When you have Speedify, you don’t have to remain restrained by the connection speeds offered by your internet provider.

Speedify allows you to combine the Wi-Fi and cellular connection at the same time on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Instead of connecting to flaky Wi-Fi, you can bind it together with your cellular data for better reliability and speed.

And that’s not all, Speedify also encrypts your connection so you can be secure while enjoying faster speeds. That’s two advantages with one app.

Speedify is a very simple app that’s available on all major platforms, including Android and iOS. It can combine multiple Internet connections. And what if you don’t have multiple channels to connect to? Speedify can still fix your network-related Snapchat issues by minimizing internet packet loss.

Try Speedify for free! Get it from the Apple store or Google Play store.

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