Comcast Xfinity Internet Service Outage: How to Fix Once and for All

Checked for a Comcast Xfinity Internet Service Outage? What to Do when Internet is Down

Comcast is one of the biggest Internet service providers in the US. They’ve got plenty of infrastructure, both wired and wireless, through the Xfinity WiFi hotspots. As with any ISP, you can get Comcast Xfinity internet service outages from time to time. When this happens, the first step is to check for service outages in your area on the Xfinity status center page.

Internet service outages can last anywhere from a couple of seconds to hours and even days. This is very unfortunate, as you will not be able to enjoy your Internet:

To be absolutely sure you will be online if Comcast Xfinity Internet has a service outage, you need to use Speedify. This app for your computer and smartphone is able to seamlessly combine 2 or more Internet connections at the same time. This saves you from a connection that keeps on dropping. Speedify helps you get rid of Comcast Xfinity Internet service outages for good – read more below.

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Reasons Why a Comcast Xfinity Internet Service Outage Happens

When your Comcast Xfinity Internet disconnects, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s your ISP’s fault. It is certainly an issue on their side if the status center page indicates that there are service outages in your area. This happens most often when:

  • there is an issue with Comcast’s Internet infrastructure;
  • network is overloaded, especially Wi-Fi. This happens in crowded areas – on the street, stadiums, concerts, etc.
  • you connect to a bad Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot.

Sometimes your Internet may be disconnecting due to reasons that are specific to your connection only, such as:

  • a defective cable from your modem / router to your computer.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot strength is insufficient – you may be near the edge of the WiFi network.
  • wireless interference with other Wi-Fi hotspots or devices nearby.
  • network adapter outdated drivers or modem / router outdated firmware

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Troubleshoot Your Comcast Xfinity Internet Service Outage Issue

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, you should definitely check if there’s an issue with Comcast. If so, you can contact them and get an estimate of when it will be fixed.

If the Comcast Xfinity Internet looks good, here are a few of things you can try:

  • Reset your router, restart your smartphone / computer.
  • Move closer to the WiFi router / hotspot.
  • Get a WiFi analyzer app and see if there’s any WiFi interference. If so, move your router in a different place or set a fixed channel for your WiFi from your router admin interface.
  • Update your WiFi adapter drivers and WiFi router firmware by checking the manufacturers’ websites.
  • If on a public WiFi network, connect to another one; that may very well just be a bad WiFi hotspot.

If you’re tired of trying all sorts of things and want the proven solution to fix Comcast Xfinity Internet service outages, you can use Speedify! You will be able to use all the available Internet connections (WiFi, cellular, wired Ethernet, etc.) so that the overall Internet connectivity is not affected on any of your devices.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify makes your internet secure, stable, and fast with the magic of Channel Bonding--but how?

  1. First, Speedify establishes a connection to one of our Speed Servers in the Cloud. This acts as a middleman between you and the rest of the internet, keeping your web activity private and secure.
  2. Next, the app works with the Speed Server to intelligently spread network packets among all your available internet connections.
  3. And presto! Speedify is able to provide the combined speed and stability of all your internet connections—unlike any other VPN on the market.

Speedify Easily Fixes your Comcast Xfinity Internet Service Outages

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN app that allows you to combine 2 or more Internet connections at the same time. This will help you avoid random Internet disconnects. Speedify is not a load balancer – it uses channel bonding technology to provide a fast, stable and secure Internet connection.

Speedify will also prioritize sending data over WiFi or Ethernet connections to keep your metered connections (such as cellular data) at a minimum. If something happens to your WiFi connectivity, you stay online with the mobile data for only as long as it takes to restore the WiFi connection.

Speedify is also a fast VPN that uses advanced encryption to keep your data safe. But, it works differently than traditional VPN apps that slow down your Internet: Speedify uses multiple sockets to send date to and from the VPN server.

Seeing a lot of Comcast Xfinity Internet service outages? Use Speedify for uninterrupted connectivity, fast and secure Internet. Get Speedify now!

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