What People Are Saying About Us: Speedify Reviews and Awards – Episode 2

Latest Speedify Reviews for Fast, Stable and Secure Internet

Speedify reviews are constantly being released online. From professional reviews done by authority sites to consumer reviews on social media, they all outline the unique channel bonding and mobile VPN benefits Speedify brings to the table.

Let’s take a look at the most recent Speedify reviews.

Tom’s Guide: “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like It”

Tom’s Guide tested Speedify in June 2018, noting that “there’s no doubt that Speedify’s channel-bonding technology is kind of amazing”. In fact, they agreed that it’s unfair to compare Speedify to other VPNs “because of this service’s unique channel-bonding features”. Upon testing it they concluded that “it sped up our broadband connections a lot, while normal VPN services slowed them down.”

Comparitech: “Fast Speeds, Strong Security, and a Solid Option for Streaming”

Comparitech also took the Speedify “VPN service with a twist” out for a spin recently. As “Speedify’s channel bonding feature differentiates it from competitors”, they found the service to be “problem-free”, with the connection being reliable, with no issues while browsing, streaming in HD, or playing online games. When combining WiFi and LTE on a cell phone, “the channel bonding does appear to have a drastic effect on download speed and a smaller but positive impact on upload speed.”

Speedify Is One of 10 Hot SD-WAN Startups to Watch, According to NetworkWorld

Along with individuals, Speedify can also help companies and enterprises get faster, more reliable and secure connections to the Internet. NetworkWorld compiled a list of 10 hot SD-WAN startups to watch and, naturally, Speedify is on it, with its client-side solution that requires no hardware for bonding.

Social Media Echoes from Online Gamers and Travelers

Here are some tweets from people doing online gaming and traveling by train, using the well-known Amtrak WiFi:

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