How to Bypass Region Restrictions for Online Content

Access Region-Restricted Content From Anywhere

The Internet may be known as the world wide web, but it is not the same in every country. Many apps and websites restrict the content you can access in certain areas. However, there is an easy way around most of these region restrictions and see the Internet you want to see.

Read below how easy it is to bypass region restrictions for movies, TV shows and other type of online content.

How Region Restrictions Work

Region restrictions typically work by determining your physical location based upon your IP address. The restrictions are usually put in place by the developers of different apps and websites.

Once they know your physical location, a filter is applied to the content you can access. Companies such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu use region restrictions.

While region restrictions are usually based on the country you are in, sometimes content is restricted inside of the same country. For example, many sports games may not be accessible to you in certain regions of the United States and Canada.

By using your IP address to determine your location, region restrictions can be used to block an area as small as a neighborhood or as big as a country.

Why Some Apps and Content Providers Have Region Restrictions

The four main reasons for region restrictions are:

  1. Compliance with local laws
  2. Licensing issues
  3. Protect marketing partners
  4. Internet censorship

Many countries have different standards as to what type of content they allow to be shown. In order to do business in other countries, many apps and websites have to use regional restrictions to keep from accessing content that the government as deemed inappropriate.

Some types of movies and TV shows are only licensed to be shown in certain countries by certain providers. In order to keep from being in breach of contract with the distributors, apps will use a region restriction to block users in certain locations from accessing the content.

Sometimes a content provider, usually a sports league, will use region restrictions to block people from accessing a certain broadcast or content because one of their local partners is showing the content. For example, a sports league may block out a game from their app in the city where the game is being played so a local TV channel doesn’t have to compete with the app. The app may also block the game from being shown to encourage people to buy tickets if the game isn’t sold out.

Using Speedify to Bypass Region Restrictions in Three Easy Steps

Speedify can bypass region restrictions and Internet censorship. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step One: Get the Speedify app by clicking here.
Step Two: Open and run the Speedify app on your device.
Step Three: Open the content that is restricted to you.

Speedify uses advanced VPN encryption to mask your IP address and secure your data without slowing down your Internet connection.

Unlike other VPNs, Speedify can use multiple connections at once, opening multiple secure VPN tunnels through each of those. This gives you a faster, more stable secure connection.

Speedify can also be used to combine two or more Internet connections into one fast pipe at once. Using Speedify not only helps you bypass region restrictions, it also can be used to make your Internet connection faster.

So – what are you waiting for? Be sure you are able to bypass region restrictions on any app, wherever you may be. Get started with Speedify now.

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