Will Wi-Fi Offloading Finally Fulfill Its Promise?

Mobile Data Offloading – More Than Just Something to Talk About

Wireless carriers have been talking about the need to improve and increase Wi-Fi offloading for years. However, none of the available technical solutions have ever worked to the satisfaction of the carriers or their customers. But, Wi-Fi offloading is finally ready to fulfill its promise to both save carriers money and improve the customer mobile Internet experience.

The Long Broken Promise of Wi-Fi Offloading

For many years, the idea of a software solution to Wi-Fi offloading was tantalizing, but illusory. Customers would have to manually switch between a cell signal connection to a Wi-Fi connection. Because, offloading required the customer to self-manage the process, the amount of offloading fell far short of what the carriers wanted.

In order to avoid overwhelming the network, carriers had to incentive customers to effectively manage their offloading with data caps and high overage charges. This solution worked for a while, but at the cost of customer satisfaction.

The Need for a Robust Wi-Fi Offloading Solution Right Now

Increased competition between carriers has undermined the work they have done to increase customer offloading. Data caps have increased, overage fees have decreased, and the introduction of unlimited data plans threatens to blow up the entire customer offloading efforts and overwhelm the 4G networks of all the carriers.

Carriers need a robust Wi-Fi offloading solution that doesn’t rely on the customer’s actions, while also working to improve the customer experience. Fortunately, Wi-Fi offloading is finally ready to fulfill all of it promise to both customers and carriers.

How Speedify Helps Customers and Carriers with Wi-Fi Offloading

The Speedify protocol works to provide aggregate gapless coverage. It works by allowing a mobile device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and a cell signal at the same time. Speedify will prioritize sending data over an available Wi-Fi network whenever possible. It makes offloading easy and automatic.

Because Speedify has two simultaneous connections, when something happens to the Wi-Fi, it automatically reroutes data through the cell connection, keeping the customer connected and improving their experience. Once a Wi-Fi network is available again Speedify automatically begins using it again. The user doesn’t have to do anything, or to even know what is happening.

Speedify solves the offloading problem through a unique approach. It uses software to bond different connections, efficiently manage data routing, and monitor and manage internet connections.

Speedify ensures that mobile devices are using Wi-Fi as much as possible. This saves carrier money and reduces the strain on the cellular network. But, the real reason Speedify works is because it improves the customer experience without asking the customer to do anything. Customers get a fast gapless Internet connection.

The Speedify protocol can easily be licensed and used in a carrier branded app. This allows the carrier to achieve its Wi-Fi offloading goals while looking like a hero to its customers for delivering an “always on” Internet connection.

Carriers need a robust offloading solution that is easy and inexpensive to implement. That need hasn’t changed in years. But, for the first time there is a commercially viable solution for carriers to turn to. Speedify is the future of Wi-Fi offloading.

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