Need Bonded Internet for Events? Here's Your Best Choice

When you’re holding a corporate event, you need a lot of things. High speed internet is just one of them. Whether you want to give a presentation or email a document to all the participants, you need internet that doesn’t let you down. If your internet is slow or disconnects randomly, it will have a negative impact on your event. … Read More

Link Aggregation Router – the Software Alternative

In computer networking context, link aggregation refers to combining (aggregating) multiple network connections at the same time. This brings two main benefits: A typical link aggregation implementation is usually associated with expensive hardware devices. These include enterprise-grade routers, switches and other networking equipment. You’re looking at least at some hundreds of dollars out of your budget. Nowadays, smart link aggregation software apps … Read More

Hybrid Access Networks Using Client-Side Software

Internet is better when it’s faster and more reliable. That’s why the big thing now are hybrid access networks. The term refers to a special architecture for broadband access networks. Two different network technologies are combined to improve bandwidth. These technologies include WiFi, 4G / LTE, xDSL, etc. Typical deployment scenarios include hybrid CPE routers and hybrid aggregation gateways with load balancing … Read More

A-to-Z Guide to WiFi Offload Effectively as a Carrier or MVNO

Network operators (carriers) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are facing a critical bandwidth issue. As Wi-Fi Now mentions, outside of probably a couple dozen active cases, carrier-driven WiFi offload has been less than widely adopted. But with the advent of unlimited data plans, WiFi ‘offload’ is poised for a comeback.  The fact is that mobile devices now use more … Read More

How SD-WAN Gives Businesses a Competitive Advantage

In this hyper-competitive global economy with shrinking margins, even a slight edge can be the difference between dominating your industry and struggling to stay in business. One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is adequate connectivity. SD-WAN, short for Software-Defined Wide Area Network, is a way to separate networking hardware from traffic management and monitoring mechanisms. This results in … Read More

What is Broadband Bonding and Why Do You Need It?

Broadband is supposed to bring fast Internet to homes and businesses. But, sometimes broadband just isn’t fast enough. Between ISP throttling issues and the increasing amount of bandwidth usage from things like music streaming, video streaming, and data intensive games and apps a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough for many people. Broadband bonding is the perfect solution. Read below … Read More