How to Protect Your Kids from Public Wi-Fi Dangers

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Whether it’s at school or college, Wi-Fi is definitely an important part of your children’s daily life. You’d be hard pressed to find a child who rocked up to school without a phone, tablet or laptop in their backpack in our digital age. The traditional blackboard and textbook lessons are gone. Instead our kids can research, discover, collaborate, create and … Read More

Essential Tool to Help You Keep in Touch with Family

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The best way is to meet with them, if you’re not already living together. Of course, this article’s goal is not to teach you how to interact face-to-face with people, but how to best do that via the Internet. So what are the best ways to communicate with your family and not get into trouble? When talking about communication, trouble … Read More

How to Communicate Freely with Your Family from Anywhere

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What are you using to talk to your family? Do you have a group on WhatsApp? Or maybe FaceTime? Regardless of which communication platform you use, you need to make sure your messages reach your loved ones. When traveling or when connecting from networks on campus or at work, certain services can be blocked. So you won’t be able to … Read More

Why Get a VPN Family Plan to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

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Using a VPN is a must nowadays, with all the cyber threats and snoops out there. Everybody is after your data and you know it, because that’s why you’re using a VPN. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are swarming with security risks. But what about your loved ones? Do you have kids connecting to the school Wi-Fi, unable to use Snapchat to … Read More

It’s Not All About Privacy – Six Most Underrated Uses for VPNs

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VPNs are used for many reasons but all reasons fall under the same tree; safely connecting your device to the Internet and other devices around the world. A Virtual Private Network (or VPN) allows you to create an encrypted connection to another network over the internet. It was originally just a way to connect business networks together securely over the … Read More