Is Starlink Worth It? Here’s Real World Testing Data

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Starlink Satellite Internet Is Fast, but Needs Seamless Failover to Improve ReliabilityA couple of months ago we got our own Starlink for RV. We all became obsessed with Starlink here at Speedify – putting it to the toughest real world tests for connectivity and live streaming. We’re still doing that – in fact, you can check out our live stream … Read More

[VIDEO] Unboxing Starlink for RVs – What You Get

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We Ordered a Starlink for RVs – Here’s What’s in the BoxEver since Starlink made the first announcement of their plan, almost everybody here at Speedify has been more or less obsessed with getting one. So in October 2022 we finally ordered a Starlink for RV dish, as the residential one is not yet available in the Philadelphia area. Watch … Read More

It Takes Everybody in the Company to Get a Sustainable Growth

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Speedify 2022 Yearly Wrap-up in 3 MinutesAs 2022 comes to a close we look back at all that we’ve accomplished here at Speedify. From my point of view it’s been a fabulous year where every one of my colleagues put their shoulder to the wheel in order to get Speedify to the next level.  This is what I mean…Primary Focus: … Read More

Using Speedify – The Best Success Stories

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What Speedify Is Mostly Used ForSpeedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure live streaming, video calling, and web browsing. This means that instead of just switching between connections, like any device does, with Speedify you will actually be using all connections at the same time. The main benefits you get … Read More

The Customers Show You the Way

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How to Make Starlink Work Better with SpeedifyListening to your users is one the most important lessons I have learned over and over in business. This past summer Brett Stelmaszek of UFDTech used Speedify, a Starlink, and several Cellular connections to livestream a cross country  UFDTech’s Cannonball Run of 2022.   As the network of Starlink satellites has grown, so has … Read More

Supporting UFD’s Cannonball for the Cure 2022

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Target Amount to Donate for Research: $250,000This year, Speedify is proud to support UFD’s Cannonball for the Cure 2022. The goal is to surpass last year’s $150,000 in donations and to fund the next phase of SRF’s drug discovery research with Rarebase, PBC. It’s possible that already approved FDA drugs exist which can help address the devastating effects of SYNGAP1, … Read More