New Apple Streaming Services: Avoiding Connectivity Issues

On March 25th, 2019, an Apple Special Event took place in the Steve Jobs Theater. As the hardware sales of Apple have been stagnating for some time, the company decided to diversity its offerings. New Apple streaming services were announced: Some of these services will be available later this year. The video on demand landscape will certainly become more interesting. … Read More

VPN Custom DNS: Get More Security & Speed from Your VPN

With the new release of Speedify 7.4, you can set a custom DNS server to use with your VPN connection. This is an important feature every VPN should have – keep reading to find out why. A VPN protects your online privacy by encrypting all your Internet traffic. That’s the theory of it, at least. In real life, some VPN services … Read More

Setup Guide for the Fastest VPN Software for Windows 10

You should definitely consider getting VPN software for your Windows 10 PC and secure online data from cyber criminals and snoops. All it takes is one moment of carelessness to find that your personal data has been compromised: One of the favorite tactics of many criminals is to attack public WiFi networks. You can protect yourself from many of these kinds of attacks … Read More

Enjoy Privacy and Speed at Once with the Fastest VPN for iPad

Ah, the iPad – the marvelous mobile device that allows you to work and also watch movies more conveniently. As you’re permanently connected to the Internet, you need online protection against cybercriminals. When connecting to public WiFi networks, you are permanently exposed to online threats. Your social security number, email account, banking details – all these can be easy prey … Read More

Speed Up Your Internet in Seconds: Use 2 Connections at Once – Speedify

Need to speed up your Internet connection speed? Many internet websites recommend solutions such as: The most certain way to boost your Internet connection speed is get a superior Internet plan from your ISP. But, even then, your speed may be limited for some services by your provider. Plus, you may have a limited budget for Internet plans and dedicated networking … Read More

[GUIDE] How to Use VPN on Mac and Stay Safe Online

Mac computers are known for being reliable and secure. They are much less prone to viruses or malware than PCs. However, even if you have a Mac computer or laptop, you are still vulnerable to cyber criminals. The first line of defense is to protect yourself with a VPN. When you use a VPN on your Mac, you avoid many … Read More