How To Fix: Slow WeChat

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What is WeChat? WeChat is a popular messaging app for both iOS and Android devices. But, many users are tired of experiencing delayed messages and slow WeChat connections. Videos sometimes take too long to upload or stream. Sometimes messages aren’t sent for long periods of time. THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPEEDIFY Use all of your Internet connections at … Read More

How to: Improve Zoom Learning Streams

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2020, The Era of Remote Learning Welcome Back to School! The school year 20/21 is underway and we hope your student has a fabulous year. This year, besides the regular items on the shopping list, the virtual classroom has altered the supply list. Many districts are providing laptops or tablets, municipalities have worked hard with internet providers to strengthen internet … Read More

How to Overcome Remote Learning Challenges for Teachers

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The Remote Learning Situation Has Teachers Learning Too Remote learning has a whole new and broader meaning due to social distancing necessary to fight the pandemic. This type of learning was purely optional before and would usually apply to online courses for post-graduates. Nowadays we see children doing this from kindergarten and primary school. Luckily, children are usually easily adaptable … Read More

How to Fix Twitch Connection Error

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Faster HD Streaming with Speedify

Don’t let Unstable Connections Ruin Your Stream Ever been livestreaming and out of nowhere “Twitch Connection Error”  Maybe it is the Twitch server, or not. Check your internet connection because that could be causing the issue. If you’re a professional, you want to keep your followers happy with a consistent streaming schedule. There is no room for an unexpected Twitch … Read More

How to Find and Use Multiple Internet Connections at Once Anywhere

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Better Internet, Anywhere & Anytime! With just a single connection Speedify can help improve packet loss and allow you to access region locked content. However, to get the full benefits of Speedify you need access to multiple Internet connections. On mobile this is easy since smartphones have their own built in cellular data connections that can be bonded with Wi-Fi. Things are more complicated … Read More