Why Is Instagram so Slow? Check Your Internet Connection

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How to Fix Slow Instagram When Photos Are Not Loading or Videos Are LaggyAll too often you ask yourself: why is Instagram so slow? Symptoms include slow loading of pictures and videos, lagging videos and even upload freezes. Maybe you just want to scroll down your feed, but all of the images and videos are grayed out and you get … Read More

What to Look for in the Best Premium VPN for Android

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Best Premium VPN for Android Is Not Only Security. Think Speed and Reliability As an Android user, you should use a VPN to stay protected when you’re online. If you choose a premium VPN, it should also deliver a faster, more reliable Internet connection as well. Here are some things to consider: When you connect to a public Wi-Fi, your … Read More

What’s the Best VPN App for Android? Be Safe and More with Speedify

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Choose the Best VPN App for Android for Secure, Fast and Stable Internet The Android smartphone that you are probably using to read this post has more computing power than the computers on the Apollo spaceship that first carried man to the moon. Most of us spend most of our waking hours connected to the Internet not at a desktop … Read More

Secure Traffic and Unblock Content With a VPN for Android Box

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Why Use a VPN for Android Box Do you use an Android TV box or a Kodi box to stream online videos? You should definitely secure it with a VPN. You don’t want anybody to be able to spy on your online activity when streaming or browsing. Some websites or streaming platforms such as YouTube may also have restricted content … Read More

How to Combine Tethered Android and iPhone at Once on a Mac

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Two Tethered Phones Are Better Than One for Fast, More Reliable Internet If you find yourself in a location with no Wi-Fi networks available or any wired Ethernet possibilities to connect to the Internet, then you should revert to tethering your smartphone to get online. It gets even better if you have access to 2 smartphones – iPhone, Android smartphone. … Read More

How to Combine Wired Ethernet and Tethered Android at Once on a PC

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Use a Tethered Android Phone Together with a Wired Ethernet for Faster, More Reliable InternetWhenever you got the chance, you should definitely use multiple Internet connections together. This will bring in more speed and greater reliability, avoiding Internet disconnects or non-working connections of any sort. All you need is a channel bonding (or link aggregation) software app like Speedify. In this post, we … Read More