How to Combine Wi-Fi and Tethered Android at Once on a Mac

Stop complaining about slow and unreliable Internet on your Mac. If Wi-Fi isn’t enough, then you can put your Android smartphone at work. Just tether it to your computer and combine the 2 connections together at the same time with a channel bonding (link aggregation) solution like Speedify. Read below to see the steps to use your Mac’s Wi-Fi and … Read More

How to Combine a 4G LTE Dongle and Tethered iPhone on Your PC at Once

The quest for faster, more reliable Internet is never ending. If you’re in a spot with not Wi-Fi Internet and have a 3G / 4G LTE USB cellular dongle together with your trusty iPhone, you can use them together at the same time on your PC. This will get you faster, more reliable Internet. All you need is a channel … Read More

How to Combine WiFi and Ethernet at the Same Time on a Windows PC

Do you have access to both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi on your PC? Are these connections from different networks (e.g. Ethernet from your home / office router and a public Wi-Fi nearby)? Then, you’re extremely lucky – you can benefit from a super-connection by combining Wi-Fi and Ethernet together at the same time. All you need is a channel bonding … Read More

How to Combine 4G Cellular and Wi-Fi at the Same Time on a PC

Have you ever experienced a bad Wi-Fi hotspot? Let’s go with a strong “yes” on this one and suggest a solution for those moments when you’re working on your PC and the Wi-Fi Internet is very slow or even disconnects: a cellular USB dongle. But we’re not suggesting using that 4G cellular dongle as a backup connection – you would … Read More

How to Connect to and Combine 2 Wi-Fi Connections at Once on a Mac

Combining two Wi-Fi Internet connections is no rocket science – it’s actually very simple if you have the right channel bonding (or link aggregation) software app like Speedify.  On a Mac, you can use the internal Wi-Fi adapter and a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Each of them will connect to a different Wi-Fi network. Using Speedify, you will be able to combine them. … Read More

Complete Guide to Tethering Two Phones to a Windows PC

If there’s no Wi-Fi network or wired Ethernet around, you can still get good Internet. Just tether your smartphone to your PC and use its cellular data connection. But sometimes a single tethered phone is not enough, especially if you’re looking for a fast and reliable connection.  The solution: tether a second phone to your Windows computer and combine both … Read More