Remote Work Tools – How to Choose the Best for You

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Tools You Need in 2020When you work from home, the tools you use can make or break your productivity. In this post, we will break down all the best remote work tools to consider for the tasks you need to do. In the Next Normal, staying connected is essential. But it isn’t enough by … Read More

Remote Learning in RV: Everything You Need to Succeed

Does Distance Learning Work when Your Home Is an RV?According to the latest trends, yes, it does. Many families make remote learning work in RV environments. Whether it’s teachers or students doing this, one thing is for certain: the Internet connectivity is of outmost importance. In this recent article, WSJ tells the story of the Winters family of 5, who … Read More

How To: Improve Skype Quality for Remote Work

Skype is a Work From Home EssentialWorking from home is a challenge. Some of us may have issues with staying organized, managing our time, maintaining focus, collaborating, and most of all, communicating. One of the most helpful tool you can use on a work from home setup is Skype. It can allow you to chat with your colleagues, do a … Read More

What is Telehealth or Virtual Healthcare?

Taking Care of Your Health VirtuallyTelehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions. – Wikipedia In summary, Telehealth or Virtual healthcare allows you to get health consultation through video calls or the phone. This is vital during this time where physical … Read More

How to Improve Remote Working with Zoom

Zoom Will Boost Your ProductivityWith 42% of our workforce working from home these days ( Zoom is an integral part for collaboration, cooperation, and communication. It is vital for your workforce moving in a productive direction. In order for us to keep moving forward, Zoom is our new conference room, lunch table, dry erase board, when we gather with our … Read More

How to Improve Your Remote Learning Experience

Online Learning, Are You Ready for it?The day is here, First Day of School! You have the outfit chosen, fresh supplies are all ready to go, your family chose the work station room for this semester and the Virtual Learning your child will receive. Everything is in place, or is it? The most important part of full or part time … Read More