Distance Learning: Challenges for Students and How to Overcome

How is Distance Learning Affecting Students?Today’s social distancing lifestyle has made distance learning more popular than before. This type of learning was purely optional before and would usually apply to online courses for post-graduates. Nowadays students of all ages are doing this, whether it’s children in school, young people in universities or full-time employees. Luckily, students are easily adaptable – … Read More

How to Overcome Remote Learning Challenges for Teachers

The Remote Learning Situation Has Teachers Learning TooRemote learning has a whole new and broader meaning due to social distancing necessary to fight the pandemic. This type of learning was purely optional before and would usually apply to online courses for post-graduates. Nowadays we see children doing this from kindergarten and primary school. Luckily, children are usually easily adaptable – … Read More

7 Speed-Boosting Secrets of Remote Work Connectivity

How to Work Remotely and Stay Connected with Better InternetGood remote work connectivity is essential. Make sure you get fast, stable and secure Internet.The office is becoming a distant memory for many workers, and while the Next Normal will mean people will go back to the office, flexibility is here to stay. But flexibility is only beneficial when you can … Read More

The Next Normal Is Approaching – Are You Ready?

Next Normal remote productivity is the driver and differentiatorCovid-19 effect: businesses have been adapting on the fly to accommodate people to work remotely.It has only been half a year since the COVID-19 ground our world to a halt and this “new normal” was forced upon us. Overnight our homes became the venue for practically every facet of our former lives … Read More

How to Live Stream a Wedding – Essential Connectivity App

Expert Advice on How to Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony Hassle-FreeSome people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Congratulations, you’ve been through all the planning stages for your wedding and are at the final countdown. Now the big day is almost here: the venue was booked, bridal party picked, outfits were bought and save the dates were sent … Read More

Fix the Zoom “Please check your network connection” Error

Avoid Zoom Connection Problems by Getting Fast and Stable InternetZoom is a great way to conduct business, work with classmates on your home school group project or to stay connected with friends all over the world. Especially now, as the Coronavirus – Covid-19 has put a new spin on things, with most people now working from home. Zoom is great as long as … Read More