Cellular Bonding Software: Just Do It Wherever You Like

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Cellular Bonding on Your Phone or Laptop with Speedify Software

Channel bonding no longer requires heavy, expensive equipment, or even a desktop computer. Speedify is a cellular bonding software that gives the superior performance on any iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. It makes it easier for road warriors to get the most out of their mobile devices for work and play while away from home.

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Improve Your Bandwidth by Bonding Cellular Connections

By default, mobile devices can only connect to the Internet through either a mobile data or through a Wi-Fi connection. Speedify unlocks the full potential of your device by connecting to the Internet through both Wi-Fi and cellular connection simultaneously. Speedify bonds these two connections together into a single pipe giving you greater bandwidth.

Speedify is the only cellular bonding software service. With the increased bandwidth you experience lightning fast Internet. It makes data intensive tasks such as streaming videos, video chats, and moving audio files easier and more pleasant. You can even tether your laptop to your mobile device to get even more benefit from the increased bandwidth Speedify delivers.

Enjoy Gapless Internet with Speedify Cellular Bonding Software

One of the frustrating things about using a mobile device is losing your connection when something happens with the Wi-Fi signal. If you are in the middle of a process, this loss of signal may mean you not only have to get reconnected to the Internet, but that you also have to start all over again.

If you are on the move you may have to constantly be trying to connect to new Wi-Fi routers to give you the fastest Internet connection possible. Speedify cellular bonding software gives you gapless Internet.

It not only bonds two Internet connections together, but it also works in the background monitoring the quality of your connections. If your Wi-Fi connection goes does, everything is rerouted through your cell connection until a Wi-Fi connection can be reestablished. Speedify takes care of making sure you are always connected at the fastest speeds possible.

You no longer have to constantly mess with managing your Internet connections. Instead, Speedify makes sure that you are connected to both your cellular network and any public Wi-Fi networks within range. If you are on the move, Speedify will continue to scan for new Wi-Fi networks to connect to.

Speedify Adds the Security Layer to Cellular Bonding

In addition to being state-of-the-art cellular bonding software and connection manager, Speedify is also a next-generation VPN built for mobility. Unlike regular VPNs that rely on a single connection to encrypt data, Speedify uses a new protocol that uses multiple packets. This means Speedify won’t slow down your Internet connection, like other VPN services do.

Speedify is able to encrypt all of the data going to and from your mobile device and mask your IP address while also increasing the bandwidth you have access to. This makes Speedify the perfect choice for anyone who wants a fast, secure, and stable Internet connection.

Speedify delivers the kind of high-performance Internet experience that was previously only available to big companies that could afford an expensive IT infrastructure to your personal mobile device. If the Internet is an important part of your regular routine, you need Speedify.

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