What is Mobile Data Offloading?

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Mobile data offloading frees up bandwidth by moving traffic to Wi-Fi networks

Mobile data offloading (also known as Wi-Fi offloading) is the routing of data away from cellular networks to cheaper and occasionally faster Wi-Fi networks.

Why is Mobile data offloading such a big deal?

Carriers and MVNOs have known about a looming crisis for years. As mobile devices have become more powerful and sophisticated they have also become more popular resulting in overwhelming demand for higher bandwidth. It is imperative now that network operators employ strategies to reduce the load on their core cellular networks by leveraging existing investments in wired and wifi infrastructure.

Up until this point however, it has been impossible for network operators to utilize mobile data offloading tactics without negatively affecting the customer experience. Some of the obstacles include:

  • iOS and Android devices are unable to tell when a hotspot is “dead” or not functioning properly
  • Manually switching between networks is time consuming and cumbersome
  • Consumers end up with interrupted internet access during network changeovers
  • Consumer concern about hotspot security

The Speedify software development kit (SDK) helps network operators and hardware manufacturers make use of Speedify’s revolutionary channel bonding technology to seamlessly switch between Internet connections providing increased QoE while reducing LTE usage.

Mobile Data Offloading with the Speedify SDK can save MVNOs money and improve the customer’s internet experience

The Speedify SDK is a complete solution to channel bonding and Wi-Fi offloading issues on mobile devices. It can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS software and runs in the background monitoring and improving network performance for all the apps on the device. The Speedify SDK is cost aware and uses policy based routing that can be configured for increased speed or reduced cellular usage. Optional VPN encryption means that Speedify can also keep users secure across public Wi-Fi networks.

Currently, when a consumer connects to a dead hotspot, the device does not automatically fall back to using LTE. Instead, the consumer is stranded without any internet connection. This creates a poor user experience and discourages future use of hotspots. The Speedify SDK eliminates this problem.

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