Indian Chess Team Won Because of Connectivity Using Speedify

In the Next Normal, Connectivity Is the Key

As if there weren’t enough complaints related to Internet connectivity around the world, the 2020 pandemic amplified those and made everyone aware of the current limitations. At least for the short term, social distancing will continue to be the status quo. We have to improve our remote productivity - while at work, while learning, while playing, etc. 

Everything that can be remote has gone remote - from work and school to events such as weddings and business summits. Many sport events have gone online only as well.

How Speedify Helped Team India Win the Chess Online Olympiad in 2020

The Chess Olympiad is an in-person event, but this year it went online. The teams used as a platform to stream the gameplay. And, as it often happens in online events, Internet connectivity turned out to be a hassle for some teams.

That’s why team India eventually reached out to Speedify to solve their unreliable Internet. We managed to help them overnight to setup Speedify for Teams accounts for the whole team and also a dedicated server in Mumbai. According to them, this provided fast, stable and robust internet connectivity, allowing them to access the finals, where they were named champions, along with team Russia - read the whole story here.

This is exactly what we needed”, said Manu Gurtu, of team India. “The whole team had multiple internet connections but the only problem was seamlessly switching over to the backup connection. Speedify did exactly that. We had almost the entire team to set up Speedify and configure multiple internet connections simultaneously on the app.

“With internet worries behind us, Team India zoomed ahead and won the quarterfinals and semifinals”, concluded Manu Gurtu. Eventually, team India became a co-champion when a massive Cloudflare outage derailed the event.

As for Speedify, this is actually not the first time it has helped people focus on their work and passions rather than dealing with slow, unreliable Internet - read about how Speedify helped with a live streaming film in 2018.

Don’t Waste Time and Energy on Internet Infrastructure - Let Speedify Handle Your Connectivity and Security

Speedify is the only connectivity tool and VPN that allows you to use all of your connections at once for speed, stability and security. When using multiple connections, if something goes wrong with one of them, Speedify will seamlessly transition network traffic over to the other connection(s) until. Plus, having VPN-grade encryption, you can rest assured of your online privacy without compromising on speed.

If you can focus on your activities, then you’ll be more productive and generate better results. This has always been the case with remote workers. I’m excluding office Internet here as usually they involve special setups that include enterprise ISP plans with guaranteed SLAs and multiple redundancy. Anyway, now that remote workers are ubiquitous, they need a solid solution to fast, stable and secure Internet connectivity. Which can be achieved anywhere as long as you have at least two connections available (home Internet and a tethered phone, for example) and Speedify.

Need Help? Let Us Know!

Since the beginning of this challenging year, we have repeatedly reaffirmed our commitment to help those in need of better Internet. We re-prioritized Speedify features so our users would always be able to focus on what they’re doing without any connectivity hassles. We're always glad to jump in and help those in need. All you have to do is try Speedify today - you'll understand why millions of people worldwide are raving about it.

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