Using Speedify – The Best Success Stories

What Speedify Is Mostly Used For

Speedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure live streaming, video calling, and web browsing. This means that instead of just switching between connections, like any device does, with Speedify you will actually be using all connections at the same time.

The main benefits you get when using Speedify are:

  • more reliable Internet connectivity
  • faster connection
  • secure Internet

People are using Speedify mostly to get a more reliable Internet connection that is not flaky and that doesn't disconnect - this is the main reason. We've also seen users join us for the power to get faster Internet when combining multiple connections together. It's also a great VPN solution to unlock restricted content or bypass Internet censorship - just recently it helped people in Myanmar, Iran and other territories.

Check out below a selection of our most recent success stories for Speedify.

Live Streaming a Cross Country Tour of the USA

In October 2022, team UFD Tech started their coast-to-coast journey, from New York City to Los Angeles. It was part of their fundraiser to benefit the SynGAP Research Fund, which is committed to accelerating science to cure SYNGAP1 and to support families affected by the disease.

The Cannonball for the Cure 2022 crew was live streamed on multiple platforms including YouTube and Twitch. The Tesla vehicle they used was connected to Starlink satellite Internet and also to cellular from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. All these Internet connections were combined with Speedify to provide a reliable connection  for the live stream so they will be online regardless to what happens to any one of their connections.

Making Starlink Internet More Reliable

Joseph Cristina, content creator and Starlink user, has tested hundreds of routers for failover, load balancing and bonding. He only found a Peplink router being up to the game of making Starlink more reliable, but that has an expensive price tag to it. He tested Speedify thoroughly and now he recommends it.

Staying Connected While Chasing Storms

Daniel Shaw, expert storm chaser and news director, found Speedify to be a lifesaver in more than once sense. When chasing storms across the world, data coverage and outages can be big issue. This is where Speedify has helped Daniel, not just with streaming, but with inbound data, and warning coordination, so he could still stay stable and get the necessary warnings out, which can be a literal lifesaver!

"When all hell breaks loose, that first warning to get out, without having to screw around going from connection to connection, that is a lifesaving thing for many people. And Speedify gives me that." - Daniel Shaw

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Helping Avoid Internet Issues for Telehealth

Michael Reeder is a psychotherapist in Baltimore and unfortunately gets questionable Internet service. He has got his share of fighting to stay online, having to juggle between several ISPs to be able to run his online consultations every day. And there were inherent "bumps in the road" like losing video connection, for example.

"Speedify greatly lowers the number of video freezes and disconnects. It keeps me from having to switch ISPs 1-3 times in the middle of a client session. The video quality is not always perfect, but the reliability of the connection is much improved", said Michael.

He uses a combination of 3 ISPs: Comcast, T-Mobile and AT&T, doing a mix of those depending on the time of day and what system the client's on. "Speedify lets me not have to switch between them all the time and just do my job."

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Reporters Use Speedify for Hassle-Free Live Broadcasts

Nick Garnett is a reporter and videographer for BBC. In the past 30 or so years of being on the job, Nick has seen how livestreaming developed. It's gone from needing a radio car with a pneumatic mast, to using satellite dishes like his Hughes 9202 and ISDN codecs, to eventually being able to run broadcasts from a single cell phone using apps like Luci Live and Speedify.

He has found the perfect broadcasting device: a Raspberry Pi attached to a small screen, portable in a small custom Peli case, also running Speedify! It has Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, USB ports for dongles and microphones, while also using Speedify to combine multiple connections in the CLI, so it uses as little resources as possible.

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