How to Improve My Internet Connection – Here Are 5 Tips

How to Boost Your Internet Connection

Are you using a Wi-Fi connection that is slow and unreliable? Or are you actually connected to your router directly through an Ethernet cable and you're still seeing slow Internet? Do you get similar results when you're connecting from another location or using cellular data?

Slow and unreliable Internet is something you don't have to put up with. There are many aspects that affect Internet speed and reliability - from ISP outages, maintenance works and data throttling to you being at the edge of your Wi-Fi network.

This article will share a few tips on how to speed up your internet and boost your Wi-Fi signal. Make sure to bookmark this page for when you will be wondering again "how to improve my internet connection".

Before You Begin: Test Your Internet Speed and Check for ISP Issues

How to improve your Internet connection? First - you need to rule out the ISP cause. If you determine that the Internet provider is responsible for the slow and reliable Internet, you can take action - contact them to report the issue, upgrade your plan or even change your ISP.

Is your ISP the cause of bad Internet? Here are some things to check:

  1. Run an online speed test on a wired Ethernet connection on your computer. Are the numbers you're getting too far off what's in your contract?
    Action: contact your ISP.

  2. Do you see slower speeds on bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming and online gaming? Your ISP could be throttling your connection - learn more how to determine that for sure. If that's the case...
    Action: use a fast VPN or contact your ISP to see how you can avoid being throttled.

  3. Is there a reported Internet outage in your area? Or is your ISP doing some maintenance work? Find out using their service status page - e.g. ComcastCox.
    Action: contact your ISP about the outage. You can use an alternative  Internet connection until the work is done, like the cellular data from your smartphone or a nearby public Wi-Fi network.

  4. You may be experiencing slow Internet if your plan has data caps and you went over that. This is usually the case for cellular connections.
    Action: check your ISP contract or the live info from your online account with them. You can also contact your ISP for more details. If you're regularly going over that cap, maybe it's time to upgrade your Internet plan.

5 Tips to Make Your Internet Faster and More Reliable

After you ruled out any of the ISP causes, you should get the speeds you're paying for. Not really? Then it's time to start troubleshooting your slow Internet connection. Here are 5 tips for the most common issues:

Tip #1: Restart your modem / router, as well as your computer / mobile device.

Your modem / router is like a mini computer which specializes in sending and receiving traffic to and from the Internet. Just unplugging it from the power outlet and then plugging it back after 10 seconds will fix most connectivity related issues.

Pro tip: some modern routers have a scheduled reboot functionality you can activate from within the admin interface. If not, you can also use an outlet with a timer or a smart outlet.

For best results, also restart your computer or mobile device.

Tip #2: Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal. Move the wireless router to a central part of your home. Use a Wi-Fi repeater.

Poor Wi-Fi signal is most often the cause for slow and unreliable Internet. You can easily improve your connectivity by moving closer to the wireless router. Or moving your router to a more central part of your home, so the Wi-Fi range covers all the areas in your home.

If that's not enough, you can also use a Wi-Fi repeater - see how you can create one using your Windows PC.

Tip #3: Use a wired connection where possible.

If possible, you should use a wired Ethernet connection for your computer or laptop instead of connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This will eliminate any issues related to wireless signal strength, wireless interference, overlapping channels, etc.

Tip #4: Secure your Wi-Fi hotspot. Eliminate unwanted connected devices.

There may be too many connected devices to your router, which eat up your available bandwidth. Some of them may not even be yours. It's time to secure your Wi-Fi hotspot with a password - or change the existing one, if you already have one. Check out your router manual on how to do that.

As you're connecting your devices to the Wi-Fi hotspot with the new password, you'll know who can access the Internet.

Tip #5: Use all available connections at the same time

When the Internet is still slow and unreliable and you have an alternate connection to use, you can switch to that.  And then switch back again when the original connection improves.

But you can also use all available connections at the same time, so the switch is seamless and you don't have to reconnect to the video conference or restart any streaming app you may be using. Just use a bonding VPN for that, like Speedify.

Pro tip: a bonding VPN service also encrypts your traffic, so no one can spy on your online activities. This way, you'll get all three coordinates for good Internet checked: speed, stability and security.

How to Improve Your Internet Connectivity: Use All Available Connections at Once with Speedify

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that allows you to use all of your Internet connections at the same time, providing speed, stability and security. As long as you're connected to more than one ISP, chances are you will not get disconnected completely from the Internet, thanks to Speedify's automatic failover protection.

Creating an Internet "super-pipe" that provides increased speed and reliability is especially important when:

  • working remotely - you will stop getting pixelated video or buffering in video conferences, as well as being in touch with your colleagues in real time, not waiting for messages or attachments to go through.
  • live streaming - Speedify actually prioritizes live streams over other types of Internet traffic. So your Twitch, YouTube or other streams should be protected.
  • online gaming - you will not lose the game because of an Internet glitch or be thrown out of the game because of laggy Internet.

More is better than one - that's why Speedify is the best solution to boost your Internet connection and make it faster, more reliable and secure.

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