[FIX]Zoom crashing on iPhone: Connection Issues

Vojislav Hlad Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

Zoom is a convenient and easy way to set up video calls over the Internet. There are 300 million Zoom meeting participants daily. The best thing, it’s available for all major platforms including iOS and Android. But, sometimes issues appear with Zoom. It seems to be unstable and has connectivity and video-audio call issues. Moreover, the Zoom app crashes on … Read More

FaceTime Stuck On Connecting: Get It Unstuck With Speedify

Vojislav Hlad Fix Internet Disconnects, Fix Slow Internet

We depend on FaceTime more than ever to stay in touch with people and maintain relationships. Although our world has changed, our technology is helping us move forward in these inconvenient times. Because it’s so important, getting stuck on connecting when trying to facetime is not acceptable. Read below to learn why FaceTime gets stuck connecting and how to prevent … Read More

Fix: FaceTime Failed and Other FaceTime Issues

Vojislav Hlad Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

Are you a FaceTime user trying to social distance and keep in touch with work, family and friends? Who hasn’t suffered through a FaceTime call with slow, lagging and failed connection? When facetiming, a reliable Internet connection is crucial. Even a small disruption of service will disconnect you from the video call. FaceTime works best over a reliable and fast Internet connection. In … Read More