[VIDEO] How to Live Stream Beer Tasting – Road to Success

From Engineering to Beer Tasting – Doug Piper, Founder and Host, Gourmet BrewingSince the Covid-19 pandemic began, we’ve all seen Speedify being used successfully by remote workers, for distance learning and for broadcasting events. And speaking of events – remember those beer tasting classes / contests?  We had one of our own here at Speedify as a teambuilding activity, joining … Read More

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Why Does Your Mac Mini Disconnect from WiFi?

How to Fix a Mac Mini when It Disconnects from WiFiMac Mini loses WiFi connectivity? Unfortunately this is an issue that is more popular than we’d like. And it’s because of this dropped connection issues why you can’t join any type of video calls for work or for school – you’d just get fragments of the conversation. But how to … Read More

[SOLVED] My iMac Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

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