How to Improve your Internet Connection and Prevent PokerStars Lag in 2020

Online Gambling has been Great in 2020!Can’t read my, can’t read my… Pppp-Poker face. Poker face is fine, freezing up during an online game is NOT. Sure, they can’t read your face, but they can’t read anything else from your bet either! Online poker, such as PokerStars, is a very popular online casino game. This year, with the pandemic altering … Read More

Proven Solution to Fix Connection Issues

How Do I Fix My Disconnect / Lag Issues on this unprecedented times, playing chess face-to-face is in many parts of the world a nice-to-have. Plus – there’s the limitation of playing chess only with people that live around you. So, the most popular type of chess today is the one you play online, real-time, on dedicated websites like … Read More

Solved: VPN Disconnects on iPhone and iPad. How to Fix it!

How to Keep a VPN Connection Alive on an iPhone or iPadUsing a VPN is the safest way to connect to the Internet, especially when you are using unfamiliar or public networks. But, increasingly people are connecting to VPNs with their iPhones and iPads instead of their laptops. For many, the iPhone VPN experience is a frustrating one. The connection is always slow, … Read More

Among Us: Disconnected from Server – How to Fix

Get Reliable Internet Connectivity to Avoid Among Us Server IssuesFor those of you that don’t know about Among Us – this indie game has been growing in popularity ever since mid 2020. The pandemic has been cited as a reason for this surge of popularity, as it allowed for socialization despite social distancing. However, more realistic reasons include the low … Read More

How to Solve Video Streaming Emergencies (Streamergencies)

Proven Solution for Any StreamergencyGood Internet connectivity is essential for hassle-free video streaming. It literally makes or brakes your streaming experience. When your connection is sub-par, the symptoms of streaming issues range from lower video quality playback to buffering and even disconnects. You having problems with streaming videos is what defines a streaming emergency (also called “streamergency”). Streamergencies can happen … Read More